Sunday, March 4, 2012

The one with the faker

Savannah has discovered a fake laugh the past couple weeks. She is constantly making us laugh. This little girl is a budding comdian I tell ya! The video is a little long, and may make you a little sea-sick, but worth it to hear all her cuteness. :) Oh, and Troy had to get in on the action too. Funny boy.

And here's a video with her real laugh. :)


aubrey said...

so cute! and i love how troy was getting in and asking you all sorts of questions. ha!

Li said...

Haha... too cute! I love the dancing, too. :)

Meg said...

I love this phase! My babies always go through a fake cough phase, too, where they'll "cough" and then wait for me to make a response and ask them if they're ok. Cute!

Brittany said...

so so cute!! She is such alittle dumplin! I LOVE those fat cheeks!