Monday, May 21, 2012

The one with the 11 month old lion

Her new trick. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The one with the little "posers"

Grabbed the camera the other day, and took a few pictures. These kids are so silly. Life is good!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The one with the shrieks and giggles

Our little Savannah is 10 months old (well, actually about 10 1/2 now, I'm a little behind). This child has always been a calm, mellow, fairly quiet baby. Well, enter about 2 weeks ago, and she has found her a BIG way! When she sees something she wants (usually in the way of food), she will let you know. I'm not saying she'll give a couple little shrieks, no. She FULL on SCREAMS and shrieks until she gets what she wants. Seriously. I'm not even exaggerating. Here's proof: (this is just a snippet of the shrieks and screams, so funny)

Savannah decided she wanted to start crawling a few days before her 10th birthday, you know, 'cause that would have been embarrassing if she weren't crawling yet. And I was more than happy to let her take her time. She is now into everything, which is fun. I now have another excuse for my messy house. Her favorite cabinet to get into holds all the paper goods and plastic utensils. Fortunately, big brother is more than happy to clean up her mess (seriously, he cleans it up without me even asking! sometimes that kid surprises me. love him). Savannah is not only crawling, but now pulling herself on everything and starting to cruise around things. She pulls herself up in her crib and will just stand there and shout until we come get her and lay her down again (at least when she isn't really tired, if she's exhausted, she stays down). Savannah also continues to be the center of attention, and our comedic relief in the family. Her favorite thing to do is to "stress." We laugh and laugh and laugh, and she will do it forever if we let her (but we don't because we have noticed when she does it, all the color drains from her face!). ha Brooklyn and Troy have started carrying her around (much to my chagrin), but she just doesn't care and goes along with it. I hope she keeps her easy-going attitude forever! She still LOVES to eat, and has tried lots of new things as of late. Her new favorite is avocado (actually, she's been eating it for a couple months now I guess). But she will eat the WHOLE thing! Seriously. This kid can pack it in! She loves playing patty-cake, dancing (and boy, can she shake it!), playing catch (or roll the ball), putting her feet up on Brooklyn's and Troy's car-seats in the car (seriously, she thinks she owns the whole back seat, and totally sprawls out), loves her new "big girl" car-seat, giving high-fives, LOVES Daddy (I'm pretty sure her favorite time of day is when he walks in the door), loves her sippy, has 6 teeth (2 upper, 4 bottom),loves her baths and splashes like crazy, is still nursing 3 x's/day (which I'm super happy about, this is the longest yet!), says "hi", "Mama", "Dada," "all gone (ah gah), "uh-oh" and "Supercalifragilisticexpeladocious." ha, kidding. Savannah also had her first bouts with ear infections this past month. First a double ear infection, treated with antibiotics, then another single ear infection about 2 1/2 weeks later (which we also treated with antibiotics since they were back-to-back and the ear was red AND bulging, indicating infection.I learned a lot about ears this month). And did I mention how great of a traveler she is? She was so easy on our trip to Boise. Not that I expected anything but. This kid has been nothing but easy so far. Makes me worry about her teenage years...maybe she's holding all the naughty in until then?! Heaven help me!!!
Savannah had hours of fun with this box of oranges. 

Poor thing just watches Brooklyn and Troy play outside. Can't wait for summer when it's warm and dry enough for us all to be out there!


Oh how I love naked little bums!! So squeezable. 

"I love bath-time!"