Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The one with the quick trip to Boise

The kids and I made a quick weekend trip to Boise to pick up our meat (thanks Mom and Dad!) and also to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday! We surprised him with a birthday party/open house and invited all his closest friends. He was so surprised and had a great time reminiscing with friends. Can't believe he is 80! He still acts like a 20 year old sometimes. :) We also got the chance to check out my brother Mike's apache helicopter! He officially has the coolest (and somewhat dangerous!) job! The kids were in total awe.

Mike showing them how the gun works in the Blackhawk. 

See? In awe! 

Troy in the blackhawk cockpit

Brooklyn in the blackhawk cockpit

Now on to the Apache! 

Mike showing Troy the gun on the Apache.

It's pretty heavy! 

Looking down the barrel of the gun

Mike explaining the missile. It can shoot and aim up to 5 miles away!!

The eye piece they wear in their helmets. Mike said this alone costs $27,000!! It is very sophisticated and is infra-red. With this, they can see little bunnies on the ground even from a mile up!! 

Our "lets get the bad guys!" faces :)

Still so in love even after all these years!!

LOVE them!!

The one with all the past pictures

I really need to catch up with my blog, so these are just a bunch of pictures/events I never got around to blogging about, but that deserve to be published. I just need to get caught up!

 First lost tooth! You're welcome for the bloody picture. lol

Made a quick trip to Boise for my Dad's 80th birthday! Troy enjoyed learning to play chess with his cousin Gabe. :)

Grandma Paternoster came over for a visit.

Decorate cupcakes and face-painting day! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not sure why Brooklyn is crying now...I'm sure Troy had something to do with it haha

Annual fondue Valentine's dinner!

All day Kindergarten took it's toll! 

Decorating Easter eggs with crayons! 

The result of my birthday breakfast Erik and the kids made me. Savannah clearly enjoyed it!

Erik made my favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake! And also my favorite dinner, Cafe Rio sweet pork salads. It was a great birthday!

Again, Savannah clearly enjoying the whip cream :)