Monday, June 24, 2013

The one with chatter

Quick thoughts and goings on:

1. Summer has begun! We are loving not having a schedule and just taking it easy.

2. Brooklyn has sprouted a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and it is the most endearing thing ever! Love it. I remember hating my freckles growing up, I hope she never does because they are adorable. I tell her multiple times during the day.

3. Savannah turned 2! Since it was also the last day of school, we celebrated with lunch at the park with friends, then dinner at Red Robin with the fam. Erik swears we are never taking the kids out to eat again. Ha! Oh, and I completely spaced making her a cake! (poor neglected 3rd child). But they sang to her at Red Robin and gave her ice-cream. She was NOT thrilled with the singing, but came around with the first bite of ice-cream.

4. Savannah still has the cutest little lithp (lisp). My favorite words in the day from her: "Whatth?" (what), "Butth" (but).

5. Speaking of Savannah, she is quite the little conversationalist these days.

6. Troy finished Tee-ball. We had a fun little after season party with the team. He is already looking forward to the next season.

7. Brooklyn has already gone through most of her homework that was given to her to do over the summer (2 large packets). And she is keeping up with her constant reading...we log it on the scholastic site daily.

8. Savannah says her own personal prayers when I put her to bed at night, and it is the sweetest thing ever! "Dear Heavenly Father, thankful Mommy, Daddy, Brooklyn, Buddy (Troy). Thankful Day. Amen." A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

9. Troy is REALLY into basketball these days, and plays it often during the day. He can't wait to get a real basketball hoop someday (right now he has the kid hoop outside, and a little hoop inside hanging on his bunkbed).

10. I had my first swim for triathlon training this morning. It was pouring rain. But at least the water was warm!

11. Erik got a promotion at work!! We are so proud of him!! Definitely an answer to prayers. He is now Senior Financial Planning analyst (whatever that means! ha!)

12.  Our dear friend Brittany watched the kids all day Saturday for us. Erik and I went to lunch, then on a hike up Rattlesnake ridge (GORGEOUS views of the lake and mountains!), went to a matinee, and had a nice peaceful dinner. It was glorious! And just the refresher I think we both were needing. Thanks Brittany!!! (This was a huge sacrifice for her too because she is selling their house and had two showings that day! And her husband was out of town, so she was flying solo! She is a saint, and I am going to miss her tons!)

13. We are taking cookies to a firehouse today (another thing to check off our summer bucket list!), and the kids can't wait! I'm kinda excited too hehehe

14. The kids school is offering full-day kindergarten next year at no charge! We are hoping Troy gets in, but I am ok if he doesn't as well. We should find out by this Friday. Fingers crossed!

15. Savannah still won't say Troy's name, but will call him Buddy. Little stinker. :)

16. We are all looking forward to lots of pool and beach days!! If only the stinkin' rain would stop. July is right around the corner, and weather here usually turns a corner then. We had fantastic May weather, then June hit and it has been hit and miss. We are ready for summer weather!