Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My sweet baby boy

I guess I'm feeling nostalgic with baby #3 not too far away. So I've done Brooklyn's nostalgic post, now here is Troy's.
Behind his rough and tumble exterior, there is a sweet, sensitive, loving little boy. My absolute FAVORITE thing he does right now is out of the blue he'll say, "Mommy? I wuv you." Melt me heart!!! He really knows how to work us that's for sure! The other night he said, "Mommy, I just wuv you everyday." lol  He also gives us the cheesiest/cutest little grin while he's playing. It's like he's saying, "I'm not doing anything wrong. Aren't I the best child?!" Troy is very into cars and trains, and plays with them for hours on end. He loves to line up all his cars or trains in a single row. I find trails of them everywhere! He is a very smart kid too, and knows how to count to 20 with little or no help. He also knows many of the letters of the alphabet, thanks to Brooklyn and "Super Why." :)  He loves to wear his Superman cape with his blue rain boots and "fly" all around the house. A couple weeks ago he even suckered us into wearing it to church. Some things just aren't worth the fight right? So there he was, waltzing in wearing his cape and cool sunglasses. He definitely got a few snickers from the Bishopbric that day. Troy still loves to snuggle, and I give in to his ploys because he'll only be young once right? I figure he won't be letting me snuggle him soon, so I take adantage when I can. I really enjoy our time together after naps when it's just him and me (Brooklyn is usually still sleeping), and we can just snuggle on the couch, usually while watching "Cailou," which, I'm sorry to say, is still his all-time favorite cartoon. We also have a really fun time together while Brooklyn is at preschool. I can tell he loves getting one-on-one attention. He isn't potty trained yet, but loves to sit and go on the potty. He loves to shower (all by himself!) and also still loves baths as well. Although, the other day I let him shower for a while (literally, he was in there for like 20 minutes. I thought it was a little insight to what we can look forward to in teenage years lol) I found a huge puddle on the floor. Guess he doesn't quite keep the shower head pointing down like I thought. :)
Troy can not wait to be a big brother! He loves to talk to the baby, and loves to pull my shirt up to "see" the baby. He gives her kisses and tells her he loves her and asks when she's going to come out. He also shares his blanket and special doggie and bunny with her. She will be well loved for sure!

Marcie forgot....(written by Daddy)

Troy always says "Soda my favorite."  In addition to soda, this kid would literally live on a liquid only diet if we let him.

He always wants to fight, but as Marcie mentioned, he loves to cuddle and when he does get hurt (which is quite often trying to lug that huge head around) he immediately cries for his blankie and dogdog.

The other day he also took a moment to let his friend Jenna know how he feels by saying "Jenna, you my friend. I just love you, everday." To which Jenna got creeped out (jk).

Troy's also very much my little buddy, and being such, is brainwashed to play football at Boise State. Although a lefty like Kellen Moore, he will most likely be a long snapper. He even prayed for the BSU football team to have a great spring the other night, out of the BLUE.

My absolute favorite is how spirited he is towards things.  I probably shouldn't encourage him, but I just love when he furrows his brow and scolds someone or something.  As an example, when we got home the other day, we got out of the jeep and Troy immediately went to the edge of our driveway and yelled at a black crow in the middle of the street "Go away bird!"  It's also quite funny when he scolds Marcie for playing with my computer and remote control to the tv and says, "that's daddy's mom!"

This little guy has us wrapped completely around his pinkie.

A few days old.

6 months old

2 1/2 years old.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Brooklyn has been up to...

I was lying in bed last night, trying to go to sleep and kept thinking I should really write something on the blog/my journal of what these two sweet, crazy kids have been up to lately. It's so easy to go about every day hearing their funny stories, one-liners, or sweet antics without giving it much thought about writing it down. But today is the day! So here goes a bragging post, because let's be honest, that's kind of what it is. And I'm sorry if it's long-winded, this is mainly for me, so kuddos to you if you make it all the way to the end! I'll start with Brooklyn first:

She is now a little over 3 1/2 years old, and can't WAIT for her birthday on July 11th. Which she reminds me about practically every day. The conversation usually goes something like this:
Brooklyn: Mommy, when I have my birthday on July 11th, I want to have princess cupcakes and lots of cookies that you make (or whatever else she has on her mind that day. This party is apparantely going to be HUGE!).
Other things she has mentioned she wants for her birthday: a pajama party, every single toy in the latest Target add, a BIG Dora cake, lots and lots of friends over, and lots of balloons. I'm sure I'm forgetting several wish-list items, but you get the jist.

Brooklyn LOVES preschool and almost every morning asks if she has preschool that day. She has the Pledge of Allegiance memorized (has for a while, but just didn't realize it until last month when I was teaching), can count almost to 40 (sometimes she misses a couple numbers), can count to 10 in Spanish, knows all her letters and numbers up to 10, writes her name very well and can write Troy's name and Mom, she has memorized all the primary songs they are working on. A couple Sundays ago, she came home singing one of the new songs we learned THAT DAY, and she literally knew every word. She definitely has an ear for singing, that girl. Brooklyn has always been very agile, and I am anxious to get her into gymnastics this year. My sister Megan (who was a collegiate gymnast, yup, she's awesome!) has told me she definitely has a natural ability and it's highly unusual some of the things she is already doing at this age. So that gives me all the motivation I need! We're going to have an Olympic gymnast! Ok, ok, maybe not that extreme, but I know she'll love it and gymnastics is such a great background to have for all sports and dance. She also LOVES to color and it consumes a lot of her day. And she's actually very good at it and is already pretty much staying in the lines! Her teacher at church (who used to teach Kindergarten), said she is even much better at coloring than most of the kindergartners she's seen. She definitely didn't get her artistic ability from me (thank heavens). I think Grandma Hill passed on her amazing artistic ability to her!

Brooklyn LOVES her baby brother. Yes, they argue and fight sometimes, but she is so motherly to him most of the time. Several times during the day I will hear her say, "Troy, come give me hugs and kisses." Or, "Troy, you want me to hold you?" She can hardly wait for her baby sister to be born so she can "feed her yummy food, and get diapers and wipes for Mommy." In Primary, pretty much whenever there is a question about how you can be good and keep the commandments, etc, her answer is usually, "I am good because I help my Mommy do the dishes." She LOVES helping me with chores around the house and is always so willing! Her favorite chore is definitely washing the windows (something we don't do often enough). She also really enjoys setting the table and making her bed. Brooklyn is definitely Mommy's little helper.

When I fix her hair in the morning, she usually tells me who she wants her hair like that day. Such as, Jessi from Toy Story, Cinderella, Snow White, Fiona, Tinkerbell, etc. She cannot WAIT for summer time to go swimming at the waterpark again and is so excited for swimming lessons. I think she thinks she'll have the same teacher again (Kyle, she LOVES him). Oh, and her favorite color is purple.

I'm sure there are many more things I could write, but can't think of anything at the moment. I love this sweet little girl. She has blessed our lives in so many ways! I am so thankful she was sent to our family.
Written by Daddy- I'm convinced Brooklyn is going to be the smartest in every class...sorry all you other kids (of course I am biased).

My favorite thing she does right now:
When she is coloring, writing, playing on my ipod she is in deep concentration and always squinches her lips really tightly together as if that will help her to stay in the lines or win the game.
She's very much Troy's opposite in the cuddle with the parents category, but she is starting to soften up and let us hold her every once in a while.
I've always felt that Brooklyn thinks she is going to miss something, which is why she hates going to bed if we aren't and always wakes up at the crack of dawn. Even at 3.5 she very much longs to be an adult, and always says "when I grow up...".
I love this little girl. She changed our lives

Just a few days old.

At 13 months holding 2 day old Troy. She has always been such a mother. What a sweet sister.

A couple days before her 1st birthday.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh to be a kid again

Troy, like many boys, LOVES playing in the dirt/mud.

 Brooklyn enjoys it on occasion as well.

Wearing Mommy's heals

Do I really need to add a comment to this photo? I think it speaks for itself! lol

Why shouldn't they wear each other's shoes? They wear the same size!

Showing off their gymnastics skills. Check out Brooklyn's form! I'm definitely getting her in gymnastics this year. Her gymnast Aunt Megan says she is definitely a natural. :)

Troy and his "girlfriend." So cute.

I'll probably regret adding this picture, but man it makes me laugh. Doesn't this SCREAM pregnant lady?! I'm glad I can laugh at myself. :) Looking at that yummy chip and quac is making my hungry...

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday I was driving in the car with the kids to music time and Brooklyn said to me
"Mommy, how is the baby going to come out of your tummy?"

Me:"Ugh....welll, hmm."

What the heck do I tell this little 3 year old? The truth?! No way! That's just a little too much for her I was thinking. So I decided to give her a simple answer:

Me:"Well, Mommy will go to the hospital, and the Dr will take the baby out!"
Brooklyn:"Oh, ok." 

Whew! Dodged that bullet! For a minute there I thought we were going to have to call Grandma and have her explain. I'm not ready for these tough questions! lol

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 black eyes?!

 Brooklyn put on her pretty make-up the other day. Doesn't she look beautiful?! I didn't even wash it off this time when we went out. I finished the look off with some lipstick. She is all girl, that's for sure!

And I can't leave Troy out. Just a couple cute pictures taken before church again.