Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

This post may be a little too much info for some, but it's something that I just had to write down and document. Lately I've been pretty sick from pregnancy. There hasn't been a single day since I hit 6 weeks where I haven't thrown up (to give you an idea). Some days are way worse than others. Anyway...when I am throwing up, I usually leave the door unlocked just in case the kids need me or something. Troy likes to come in and ask me over and over, "Mommy, you're not feeling well?" To which I reply, "No honey, I'm not feeling well."  Then he shrugs and shuts the door behind him leaving me to myself again. Brooklyn on the other hand, enjoys watching me throw-up. The other day she came in and said, "Mommy, I want to see a big one!!" As I proceeded to throw-up, just a little bit, she says, "Mommy, that was a small one, not a big one!"  Apparantely I'm not quite meeting her standards. lol

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Halloween! and other news...

Yes, I realize it's almost Thanksgiving, so sue me. I'm a little behind on blogging. But, I should hopefully be pretty much caught up after this post.

We had a great Halloween this year. Erik's nephew Jaryn was here for the weekend, so that was fun (probably not much for him!). We started the festivities at a friends for a little pumpkin carving. Troy decided he would go the modern way, and just color his with markers. I kind of messed Brooklyn's pumpkin up by cutting too much off the bottom, but luckily she didn't know any differently. We ate way too much chili, pumpkin donuts, and hot chocolate and had a blast! The next day we had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat. It was a little crazy and crowded (we combined with 2 other wards and a branch this year), but still a lot of fun! The kids loved it, and that's all that matters. And there was no rain! SCORE!! Sunday we headed over to our friends house for a little pre-trick-or-treating dinner, then hit the road! Brooklyn was all gung-ho again this year. Troy was pretty chill and relaxed about the whole thing. But he DID enjoy getting lots of candy. They both made out like bandits this year. We still have a ton of left-over candy. Stocking stuffers maybe? Hope you all had a great Halloween. We're looking forward to spending Thanksgiving this year with friends. We are so thankful for friends who are willing to have us over on holidays! :)

In other news...I'm pregnant. 9 weeks along today, and due June 21st. We can't wait to welcome baby #3!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Traditioooooon...TRADITION!!! (as sung in Fiddler On The Roof)

Like many people, we have a tradition of taking a trip to a pumpkin patch every year with the kids. This year we went to Fall City Farms. It had been recommended to me from a friend, and it did not disappoint! Although, we didn't buy any pumpkins there...they were WAY over-priced. But dang, their fresh-pressed apple cider?! TO DIE FOR!!! The kids had a blast in the hay-maze, riding the the tractor ride, petting the baby calf and mamma cow, and petting and feeding the cute little goats. Good times for all!!

So this clearly isn't our kid, but we thought he was so funny! Doesn't he look like he's having a blast? lol

This Mamma cow was so sweet. She was nursing her calf at this point.

Feeding the hungry goats. Don't mind the random kids in the picture.

The apple press. Seriously, this stuff was SOOOO good. And very interesting to watch. The guy said they only make it on the weekends, and average about 500 gallons per day. They sell out every weekend! Yup, that's how good this stuff is. AND it's $10 a gallon! We didn't buy a gallon (a little pricey,even though it was delish.) We just got a couple little pumpkin sippys for the kids.

Troy think it's hilarious for us to "ride" on his shoulders.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey, I'm a dancer, and a dancer, dances!!!

Brooklyn started her first dance class this year, and she is loving it! I don't know many little girls who don't enjoy dance class. Anyway, she's in there with her friend Rachel. I just love seeing her cute little body in pink tights and a black leotard. Her teacher is Miss Carly and is so great with the girls. She's learning a lot, and having a lot of fun in the process! During class, Troy and I like to play soccer or football. He says there's too much estrogen, so he brings it down a few notches by showing his "manliness."

Before her first class.  She was SOOO excited!

Doing some killer dance moves.

With Rachel before class.  "We so pretty!"

Another pose before class.  Troy was getting in on the action too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday

For Erik's birthday this year, I sent him to Boise for a weekend with friends and football. I took about 150 cookies to his work to surprise him with his birthday gift. So we celebrated his birthday a few days early at our house, then sent him off for a boys weekend. Yup, I'm awesome. He had a lot of fun, but of course didn't take any pictures (even though I sent him with a camera). Aw well. The kids and I stayed busy doing little projects around the house. Happy Birthday Erik!

The previous weekend we went to the Issaquah Salmon Days parade. Who doesn't love a parade?!

Just love these faces. Not quite sure what was going on,but this is classic.


I'm so far behind on blogging, but I've been writing and saving posts and publishing when I can get the time to add pictures. Hopefully we'll have our big computer back soon! I'm using Erik's little mini notebook and it's a total pain!

Seasons have changed here in the Paternoster household. Well, sort of. Baseball hasn't actually ended yet (but I am counting the days), but football has finally arrived! I enjoy football MUCH more than baseball. And this season, the Broncos are out to prove, yet again, how awesome they are. The first game peaked in intensity, but BSU was able to pull off a win. We had some friends over (and Erik even interacted with them! He does NOT like being interrupted during BSU football games lol). We ate, we screamed, we high-fived and we had a great time. Go Broncos!!

Check out that hair! Erik's doing.

Sad!  Classic Troy pose.

All the kiddos watching a flick in our bed.
Cutest cheerleaders I've ever seen!

Our friends Bryce and Kristina