Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The one with the candy grabbers

Halloween 2012. An epic day to be remembered always. Ok, so nothing really unusual or out of the ordinary happened, but it was an epic day none-the-less. For breakfast we enjoyed "Troll brains" (scrambled eggs), "Wolverine fingers" (sausage), and "Witches saliva" (milk). Lunch I served up "monster mouths" (apple slices with peanut butter and mini marshmallows), and "slimey worms" (mac' n cheese). We made caramel apples, and ate a couple, then headed to Chipotle for some "Booritos." ($2 burritos if you are dressed in costume). Then we headed to the Rigtrups for hard-core trick-or-treating! :) Fun times!!!

Ward trunk-or-treat 

Happy Halloween!! 

My sweet, beautiful girls!

Tired Mama with sweet Savannah

Savannah and silly Troy, and again, tired Mama! lol

"Ahhh, Roxy!!!"  Such a fearsome creature ha!

Ready to go out!

We have spent Halloween with the Rigtrups every year we have lived here. It's become a fun tradition!

"I will get this candy open!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The one with all the words

Let me just start with saying, these past 16 months have FLOWN by! I can hardly believe my baby girl is this old. Savannah is changing so much these days, and I feel like a horrible mom for not documenting more about her daily (literally!) changes! So here we go:

Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds the past month or two. She now says: please (Eese!), thank you (tat-u), dog (Dawg-dawg; all of our kids have pronounced dog this way!), Go (Go!), Mama, Daddy, "Owwweeee!!" (mainly when I'm fixing her hair! lol), uh-oh, Brooklyn (B-duh), Troy (Tie), night-night (nigh nigh), baby (buey), Buh-bye (die die!), Hi Jerry! (Hi derry; Jerry and Sandy are our sweet neighbors and he is often outside working in the yard, and the kids are always opening the window saying hi to him), cheese (aays), Ya, I got it (I dod id) and more I'm sure I'm forgetting! 

Savannah thinks she is one of the big kids and is constantly carrying around crayons, pencils or whatever she can get her hands on to color with. Her favorite things to color on are books. :) 

She loves climbing and keeps me on my toes all day long. I usually find her on tables, beds, chairs, counters, etc. If there is a stool around, she will use it! Or anything else she can climb up on. She loves rummaging through drawers, cabinets, the refrigerator  and whatever she can get open or is left open for her. Thank goodness for older siblings who leave dresser drawers open! Otherwise, what else would she have to empty?! 

Savannah still doesn't hold still for diaper changes or to get dressed. This kid always has to be on the move! She only stays distracted for so long. She always has some sort of bump or bruise on her head. She loves to dance and sing, and will do so to any type of music (including church hymns). She loves caring for her baby, and will wrap her up in blankets and carry her around, then chuck her across the room when she's done with her. I keep telling her that is no way to care for a baby! Ha! 

She is still my friendly, out-going child and says hi to everyone we meet, and barks like a dog at every animal she sees. Savannah lights up the room and leaves everyone with a smile. This girl knows how to get on your good side! She gets ecstatic when Daddy comes home, can hardly contain herself when friends come over, and gets giddy with excitement at the very mention of going Bye-bye. She has recently (this week) fully transitioned to one nap a day, and still goes to bed at 6 every night, then wakes up around 7. Our family simply can't get enough of this sweet baby girl. She  is a light in our family, and we can't imagine life without her! 
Busted! (you think it's time for updated storage?! Someday we will leave our college days behind us and get "real" furniture lol)

Showing off her "piggies." It's a stretch, but I think they sure are cute!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The one with the school pictures

Brooklyn has school pictures today, so we took a couple quick candids before she headed off to school. Oh boy, we are in trouble!! Of course I am a tad biased, but DANG, she is one beautiful little girl!! If I do say so myself. lol

Erik took a couple candids of Troy the other day in his new "BSU" shirt and hat. 

Crazy, goofy girl!