Thursday, March 29, 2012

The one with the gymnasts

Brooklyn and Troy have been in gymnastics again (well, this is Troy's first time), and loving it! They ask me virtually every day if they have gymnastics that day. We have just been enrolling them at the community center, and I must say, the classes have been great! They adore their coach, and I adore them getting all their pent-up energy out. And Savannah really enjoys watching all the crazy kids. It's a win-win all around. :)

"Mom, take a picture!"

beginning of backward roll...

and the end.

This girl can hula-hoop! Seriously, not that I'm any good, but she's way better than I am!

Troy wanted me to take a picture of his "cool" pose. lol


Meg said...

fun! My brother and his wife own a gymnastics center in Ca and I am so excited to take my kids to classes while we're there this summer!

Mallory said...

Great job guys!!! I personlly love going on the pull-bars or whatever you'd call them and doing flips!!! Lucky Ducks!!