Friday, April 20, 2012

The one with the rope swing

Part 2 of our recent Boise trip commences. There was endless bike riding (& playing cops and robbers on them), hours of swinging, countless cuddle sessions with Aunts and Grandma and Grandpa, kite flying (& a minor accident, see Troy's neck), late nights with bonfires and roasted marshmallows, a tractor ride, a Boise State scrimmage (they won!!), hanging out with friends, and so many more fun things!!!

Probably the best part of the "bike path", going down the ramp!! "WHEEEEE!!!"

We were so lucky to get to spend a few days with Aunt "Awly" (Holly)

"It's just a flesh wound!" The kite won. 

I visited my oldest, and dearest friend. Miss you every day Natalie!

We also made a stop at Grandma and Grandpa Benson's graves.  I love this picture of my mom and Aunt Maureen. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa loved seeing them together!!

Grandpa borrowed a tractor from a friend, and the kids got to take a ride!! 

Troy was a little wary of the tractor, so he just did a photo-op, then got off before they left.  

He sure is intense!! lol

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Cousin Dallas earned a Bunny for doing so well in school, and he was kind enough to bring it by for the kids to play with. They were in heaven!

Savannah with Grandma Hill. Did I mention that Grandma got Brooklyn reading?! She has been so close for a while now, but I just haven't had the time to devote to her to get her over the top. Well, Grandma sure knows what she is doing, and had her reading in no time! It's like she taught 8 kids to read or something?! :)

I ate a few too many of these, but dang, they are SOOO worth it!! 

Uncle Mike showing Troy the cool Apache helicopters he flies. Troy was pretty impressed. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The one with 489 popsicles (Part 1)

Oh what fun we had in Boise! 2 1/2 weeks was just the right amount of time I think. We didn't get sick of being there, but we were still excited to get home. I took a ton of pictures, but could have taken a ton more. We just were having too much fun to think about getting the camera out! Prepare for picture overload. Videos will be coming in the next post.

Savannah LOVED Dallas! And he was so sweet with her.

My handsome brother and his beautiful wife! They had a hot date at the National Guard ball. I had fun helping Cassie get ready. So fun!

The kids literally watched TV only 5 times the whole time we were there, and it was only when they needed to rest for a bit from all the hard playing they were doing!

"I'm number 1!" Dad's favorite trick. :)

These two were so funny together. Savannah, about to go in for the "kill." (the other baby is my good friend, Melissa's baby. They are about 1 month apart)

"Got 'er!!"
"Two water bottles?!"
"I'll take that!"

Eager to get started on the 1st Easter egg hunt of the day. It was FREEZING!!! With cousin Zander. He and Troy had a blast, and got into all kinds of shenanigans together.

Troy was a "little" disappointed with the quantity he got. Brooklyn saved the day and offered him several of her eggs. What a gem she is!!

At the 2nd Easter egg hunt of the day. Troy is a bit happier about the amount of eggs he got. This Easter egg hunt had 9,000 eggs!!!!!

Cousin this picture! She had her big brother helping her, and she made out like a bandit!!

Coloring Easter eggs with the cousins. Fun times. We thought they'd be out there a while, but 5 minutes later, they were done! lol

She took this very seriously.

As did Troy. :)

With cousin Elena. They were such buddies!!


And in true "Easter bunny" fashion, I filled these around midnight, but forgot a couple things. Luckily, the forgotten loot made it in the baskets before morning.

Attempting to get a family Easter picture after church. Minus Daddy, of course.

Well at least I have one picture of them all looking at the camera right?!

Attempted picture with all the Paternoster cousins...after the big Easter egg hunt. So fun!

There are no words. Love her

Those eyelashes!

Ha ha mom!! I got the camera!!


Why yes Troy, you can have popsicle #489! We're on vacation!!

Poor Savannah only got a little taste. But she was determined!!

Thus concludes Part 1 of our vacation. Popsicles were consumed by the dozens (you think I'm kidding...I'm not! Dad restocked those puppies 4 times while we were there, and he doesn't get 1 skimpy bag when he restocks!), Easter eggs were hunted, cousins were played with until way past bedtime, and Mommy enjoyed books, conversations with family, visits with long-lost friends, and too many yummy treats that are not part of her diet. Fun times were had. Stay tuned for Part 2.