Monday, May 23, 2011

Abstract pictures

Troy apparently went a little "Picasso" on his face the other day. He was very proud. I'll take the face over walls any day! :)

 Troy's favorite thing to do is line up cars "on the freeway." And he ALWAYS wants me to take a picture of the traffic jam. I don't even think these are all the cars he owns!

Brooklyn yesterday brought me a picture with a bunch of circles and some scribbles. I asked her what it was of and she said, "It's abstract." Umm, what? So I asked again, and she said, "It's abstract." Me: "It's abstract?" Brooklyn: "Yup!"  Well duh Mom!! Where does she learn this stuff?! lol Love these sweet little kiddos.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!

This story begins a couple weeks ago. On the evening of May 9th, I started having consistent contractions (real contractions that hurt, not braxton hicks) around 8:30. After laying down, drinking lots of water and doing everything I was supposed to for the next 3 hours, the contractions had picked up in pain and were coming 3 minutes apart. I decided it was time to call the hospital 'cause I was pretty sure I would need to come in. Sure enough, the nurse said to get in there asap (being that I was only 33 weeks pregnant). They got the contractions stopped finally with a shot of terbutaline (which by the way is NOT fun stuff. It makes you super shaky and it feels like your heart will jump out of your chest any second). Anyhow, fast forward about a week and the contractions were happening again. At my Dr's appointment, she decided I better go on partial bed-rest so as not to have this baby too early. My first question was, "You know I have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 year old right?" Then my second thought was, "When am I going to get everything done that I need to!?" But, I want this baby safe, so I have been taking it (fairly) easy since. On Thursday May 12th, while my good friend was taking maternity pictures of my (and some adorable ones of our family), Erik let me know that we were going out Friday night. Hooray!! So my goal for the day Friday was to take it really easy so we could have an enjoyable evening. Little did I know that there were shenanigans going on behind my back. When Erik came home from work Friday, he rounded the kids up immediately to clean up the toys. I thought it to be a little strange, since usually he doesn't worry about that (at least not right when he gets home). But I thought, "Oh, he's helping me out since I can't really do anything. How sweet!" Then he put the newly washed bathroom rugs on the floor. Again, something I thought was strange, but didn't really think twice about it. He also said that we needed to leave at 5:15 and the kids needed to be to Lori's by 5:30. I just thought he had reservations somewhere. Ok, fast forward...after a great dinner at Panera (my FAVORITE!), we headed to the movies. Erik was texting someone and I asked, "Oh, who are you texting." He was all secretive and said, "No one." But I caught a glimpse and saw he was texting a good friend of mine, Stephanie. I summed it up to it having to do with the baby shower she and some other friends were throwing me the next day. Fast forward again, we stopped by Walmart after the movie (Erik needed a tarp), and he texted Lori to let her know we were on our way (they were watching our kids). Well, we get home and I see Stephanie's car. Then I see my friend Toni's, Kristina's and Brittany's cars. What.the.heck! I go inside to find a dark house, but there was a light on in Troy's room, with the door shut. Well, that's all I'm going to tell you, but you can see the rest here for yourself.

I truly feel so incredibly blessed to have such amazing, loving, and caring friends. And an amazing husband who has taken over these past couple weeks and made this whole pregnancy in general be such a breeze!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Easter!

I finally get on here to update the blog and of course my pictures are doing something funky. So hopefully Erik will be able to figure that out soon so I can post about Easter. In the meantime, these are a couple pictures I took of Troy a couple weeks ago. He is very much into swords these days and loves to "fight" and be a "bad guy." He was using this sprinkler head as his sword and tucking it into his pocket. I was a tad worried he'd stab himself, but he made it through the day without any casualties. He is definitely all boy!