Monday, March 18, 2013

The one with a little bit of catch-up.

Man, I have not been consistent on this blog. So when I do post, you get it all...and then some. So here goes the random photos that I feel are worth posting:

What a goof-ball. She loves emptying her drawers and trying all her clothes on. 

These next few photos are courtesy of Troy. :) His bat. 

Savannah super-excited for Valentine's dinner. 

Valentine's dinner tradition: Fondue!

BUSTED!!! Little stinker 


Let the tantrums begin! Oh man, they are so funny. 

"Do I have anything on my face?"

Our very own "homeless" child! lol PS That coat was MINE when I was around 3!

The beginnings of shaving of all of Troy's hair (he snipped a bit in the front himself, hence the haircut). We were tempted to leave it like this, but assumed he'd probably enjoy looking like a goof way too much. 

A night with friends

We headed to the sound this past weekend, and oh man, it was freezing! We've decided it is finally time to embrace the cold and rain since we have lived here for almost 7 years. You gotta get out, and you aren't always going to be warm, sunny weather! Still fun, just cold. 

Savannah will sit in this chair with a book and sing to her hearts content. Sweetest.thing.ever.