Thursday, February 13, 2014

The one with the fancy Christmas party

Erik's work had their annual adult Christmas party, and this year it was Teatro Zinzanni. We had a blast! Great food, and great show, and great company. As usual, we enjoyed our night out on the town dressed in our best. My friend Toni let me borrow a dress of hers (that she made!). I wish you could see the details in the picture, it is so beautiful! I was feeling pretty sick still from the pregnancy, but we still had a blast!

The one where she donated

Around the end of November, Brooklyn decided to cut off about 14 inches of hair and donate it to locks of love. I was so proud of her decision to do this! She got the idea from another friend who had done the same thing. We talked about my best friend, and her middle name namesake, Natalie Joy Call, and how she benefited from Locks of Love when she had cancer. It was a proud Mommy moment for sure. We also had a lot of fun in the photo booth :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The one with the quick trip

My dear friend Alexis was heading to Boise for a weekend, so she invited us to tag along. We crammed into her van and headed to B-town! We arrived Friday night after a, thankfully, uneventful road-trip. Two pregnant ladies + 5 kids could = chaos! But the kids were wonderful, and had a great time in the car. 
On Saturday, my brother Mike took me and the kids and a couple of cousins out to see his Apache helicopter. Have I mentioned I have the coolest brother around, and that he flys Apaches?! It was so fun seeing him in his element. You can just tell he loves every second of his job! And I feel so secure knowing amazing men like him are protecting our country and freedoms!! 

He first showed us the Blackhawk helicopters, which of course, are NOT as cool as the Apache. Save the best for last you know? Apparently the Apache pilots and Blackhawk pilots have quite the rivalry going on. Pretty funny. So, here is an overload of Apache and Blackhawk pictures. 

Mike showing how the gun works on the Blackhawk.

The kids holding their hands they way they would be holding the gun if they were shooting it. 

So fun! 

Blackhawk pilot Troy :)

Blackhawk pilot Brooklyn :)

Finally on to the good stuff...the Apache!

Cousin Elena in the front pilot seat of the Apache. 

Cousin Gabe in the second pilot seat. This guy does most of the shooting...this is where Mike sits. :)

Looking down the HUGE gun barrel...(I think that's the gun?! I can't remember, there were quite a few weapons on this thing!)

You would have thought Mike was a kid in a candy shop. His excitement is contagious!!

The missile!! This baby can track and travel 5 miles!!! 

Mike showing the eye piece that goes in their helmets. This baby is infrared, so they can see even tiny little bunnies from way up in the sky. Pretty amazing. This technology actually detonates if they are ever taken hostage. The helmet it goes in costs $27,000! He couldn't get the helmets because it was a Saturday and the base is closed. So when we go in the summer, we are definitely going again so we can try the helmet on! 

Showing our "mean" faces! "We are gonna get all you bad guys!" Funny how I just look like a dork, and Brooklyn still looks sweet. I guess we weren't meant to be Apache pilots! lol

Such an incredible, and amazing machine. Thanks again Mike for the taking the time to show us!!
 It's hard to believe, but my Dad is turning 80! On February 7th to be exact. Well, we decided since I was in town, to throw him a little surprise party. We kept it secret until literally 30 minutes before party time. He was so thrilled! And it was just what my mom needed too. She had just gotten out of the hospital a few days before because of another bad case of pneumonia and pleurisy. The party really perked her spirits up,and seemed to make her feel better. And it was just what my dad needed too I think to get his mind off of more serious matters, my mom's health. I love seeing them still so in love. It is so evident with how they treat each other. I have been truly blessed with amazing examples.

I simply ADORE this picture. 

The spread. We kept it simple, cookies, cake and water. :)

Some of their dear friends, who have known them forever. The Johnsons, and Brinkerhoffs. 

Girls on one side...

Boys on the other! lol

Mom's dearest friend, Karen Call. 

Love this. These two together = constant laughter and silliness!!

Bug Walker, Andra Walker Shosted, Mike and Cassie, and our cousin Jana and her husband.

Melanie and cousin Shel.

I am so thankful for the knowledge and blessing of eternal families. With my parents getting older, it is a constant comfort to know that we will be together again when the time does come for them to pass on. I am so thankful I was able to visit. We miss them all already.