Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rockband, princesses, & little cuties

Had a fun night of Rockband at the Rigtrup's. Rock on!
Pretty princesses. Yes, Troy was dressed up too, but he had gone to bed by this point.
Popcorn and a movie. Nothing better right?! My babies are getting so big!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fiesta!! Ole'!!

So this is a little over-due, but BSU played in the Fiesta Bowl this past Monday. So being the AWESOME wife that I am, I threw us a little Fiesta Bowl party since Erik wasn't able to make it down to the game. I would have invited people over, but Erik really wanted to just watch the game, no distractions. Lol. Plus, I'm pretty sure we're the only BSU fans here (at least who we know).

Oh, did I mention that the game was AWESOME and of course we WON!! Ya baby!!

BSU 17 TCU 10 And BSU's final ranking is #4!!! Pretty dang sweet!!

The kids even got into the spirit of the game sportin' their BSU gear!
Intense Erik.
The spread. Mexican themed: nachos, taquitos, and blue and orange cupcakes

I felt like I was in High school all over again decorating for Prom! lol