Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The one with the thoughts.

1. During Sacrament meeting Sunday, Brooklyn asked me why we take the sacrament every Sunday. I told her because when we take the Sacrament, we renew our covenants that we made with our Heavenly Father and it is also to help us remember Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. And the Atonement that will allow us to return to our Heavenly Father again. I told her what an excellent question, and something that I definitely needed to be reminded of. Love her.

2. Savannah has been a total Mamma's girl lately. And is constantly coming up to me, holding up her arms, and saying "Hold me!!" So I do. Most of the time...But when else will I get to hold her all the time? She'll probably grow out of this phase all too quickly and I need to savor it now, even when I am trying to prepare dinner, or finally have a moment to myself.

3. Troy has started playing baseball, and continues to make his Daddy (and Mommy) very proud with his athletic abilities. He is the youngest (by a year in most cases) on his team, but still kicks all their trash in running. Proud Mamma for sure. :)

4. Erik has been working late pretty much every night for the past month and a half (with a few days in there where he actually got home before dinner). A lot of those nights, he doesn't saunter in the house until after 11. He's a hard worker. We are all ready to have him for dinner and evening play.

5. Even though Erik has been working crazy amounts of hours, he still finds time on the weekends to play with his kids, and spend time with his wife. And even do some yard work.

6. I worked in Brooklyn's class yesterday and came across yet another story she wrote about her trip to Denny's for breakfast with Daddy.

7. Last week was spring break and we tried to spend most of our time playing. We went to the Pacific Science Center where we saw tons of beautiful butterflies in the butterfly exhibit, enjoyed watching them land on all of us, saw cool and scary Dinosaurs, sprayed water guns across the pond, viewed a 3D movie on the Last Coral Reef, and were then of course inundated by the liberal agenda about "global warming." But still had a great time none-the-less. My favorite part was watching the kids trying to "catch" the jelly fish. We also ventured to the zoo, where we saw the baby lion cubs again.

8. I bagged, food-saved, and froze 80 lbs of chicken breasts. Our freezer is stocked!

9. I picked up Kindergarten registration yesterday for Troy. I can hardly believe I will have two kids in school next year. What on earth will Savannah and I do with all our time?! I'm sure it will fill up very quickly.

10. My neice, Nicole, and her sweet family moved to Auburn last week (about 30 min away from us)!!! We are beyond excited to have them here. The kids are thrilled to have their cousins, Annie and Shae nearby.

11. Savannah continues to adore her big brother, even though he can be somewhat of a bully to her sometimes. She is the constant example of forgiveness. Troy will hit her, she will cry, he goes in time-out, she comes and sits right next to him (sometimes ON him). She just can't get enough of him.

12. Speaking of Savannah, her vocabulary continues to EXPLODE. She repeats E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Even words Mommy probably shouldn't say out-loud. Or in her head. But none of us is perfect right?!

13. Our tulips and daffodils that Erik and the kids planted last year have exploded and filled our yard with color and beauty. They make me so happy.

14. I FINALLY painted our bathroom vanity. I used white, because that's what I had, although I ALMOST used an azure blue. It looks ok. I wish I would have used the blue. Oh well. Live and learn. Actually, I'd just like a new vanity...or rather, a whole remodel on the bathroom...someday.

15. Savannah still enjoys emptying out drawers and especially her wipes container. My "favorite" is when she empties the wipes after I just got out a new package. It looks like it snowed in her room when she does it. Little stinker!

16. I had my first experience with little fingers wiping poop on the wall. I bet you'll never guess who the culprit was. She is giving me a run for my money!

17. Troy is so excited for summer because he gets to wear shorts every day. The shorts obsession continues.

18. Brooklyn continues to amaze everyone with her reading skills. She has been reading chapter books for a few months now, and just can't seem to get enough! My dear friend Ali lent us some books for her, but she has flown through those and is beginning to read them all again. The other amazing thing is she is actually comprehending the books she is reading, which they don't expect until 2nd/3rd grade. I have a feeling I will constantly be on the lookout for books for her to read.

19. Troy is anxious to be able to read as well, and I am hoping to be able to really spend time teaching him this summer.

20. Troy, Savannah and I were in the grocery store this morning when Troy saw an Army guy wearing his fatigues. He was of course fascinated, so we stopped to talk with him. Troy asked if he was a soldier (thankfully he was Army, not a marine!). :) I told him about my awesome brother who is an Apache pilot, he was super impressed. Then proceeded to tell him that my brother was being deployed in August. I of course started to cry and the poor guy didn't know what to say or do. lol He told me to wish my brother good luck, and I wished him luck as well through my tears. Then Troy said, "Mom, why doesn't he have a green head like my soldiers?" Because of course all his toy soldiers have green heads!! lol Oh man, love that boy.