Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our chunky-monkey is 1 month old!

I can't believe Troy is already a month old! Ok, technically he's 1 month and a week old. I'm a little slow on posting these days. He is such a little chunker! Check out that belly! Brooklyn LOVES being a big sister. She is my big helper throwing diapers away for me and putting our shoes away (she takes them out first, but still!). Brooklyn still LOVES being outside and going "Bye-bye." We can't say "go" without her getting excited and bringing us her shoes. Troy is FINALLY giving us smiles. Just this morning he gave me several consecutive smiles. I was so excited! He's sleeping about 5 hours at a time still, which is great. Not as great as Brooklyn was, but I shouldn't compare right? : ) The video is of Brooklyn singing (sorry it's so dark). She grabs my little hymn book and sits on the couch and sings to us, and claps for herself! She loves to perform. Like mother like daughter right? We get a kick out of it. My sister Megan came out last week to help me out and we had a blast! It was nice to get a bunch of things done that I never would have gotten to myself. We also went to the Puyallup fair. Brooklyn LOVED all the animals, especially the petting zoo. I wish I had taken more pictures and had our other camera. Oh well. You get the picture. But we had fun eating greasy food, looking at all the "carni's" and enjoying each other's company.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our little angel/devil

Ok. So she is not nearly a devil, not even close, but she definitely has a mischievous side. She is probably just experimenting and exploring her boundaries. She also thinks she is playing games. Her favorite thing is to hurry and snatch something she shouldn't and run away with it laughing and hoping we will chase. It's actually pretty funny and cute. The second photo is usually the face she makes just before she is about to pounce. If you see her pearly whites, you know she is up to something.

Even More Troy...

It sure seems that we only take photos of this little guy when he is wearing that orange outfit. We gotta start taking more! He is getting so plump, and less grouchy. Brooklyn hasn't quite learned that you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. The last photo is right before she has her finger halfway up his nose. The poor little guy is very patient with her, but he must be able to sense when she is done being sweet and starts to "explore" because he starts to cringe a little. Despite all that she is a great big sister and loves her little dadda (brother) very much.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bronco Season Opener

One of the reasons I miss Boise is because of the Boise State Broncos! It is very difficult each fall when college football is on the horizon. Since most of BSU's games aren't televised nationally, or even regionally I am forced to watch on the internet (which is isn't as fast as I would like). Regardless, I try and make the most of it and as anyone I interact with in Seattle, I definitely show my colors. Here are some photos of me watching the home opening 49-7 victory over Idaho State, and Brooklyn and Troy taking advantage of every photo opportunity they can:

A Weekend in Seattle

Hi All,
My brother Brett and his family came to visit this last week. Simultaneously, my nephew Jaryn flew up, and we all enjoyed a Yankees-Mariners game, or two. Here are some photos. It was nice to spend time with my Brother and his wife Colleen, and to see how my nieces and nephews are growing. They are great kids! Fun, obedient, and extremely intelligent. And Brooklyn loves to hang out with other kids, especially her cousins! Here are a few photos.

At the age of 17 (18 in 12 days), this was Jaryn's first major league baseball game. I'm glad it was a good one and he was able to experience a win (which are few and far between for us yankee fans this year). I'm glad he was able to go to one before he goes on a mission in one year.

Thanks for comming to visit guys.

Jordan Enjoying some Cotton Candy

My Baby girl and Me

Yankee fan since birth!

Jaryn and his newest cousin


Brooklyn & Andrew

Brett and the boys (the mobile ones at least)

Baby Zachary

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soo cute!

These tutus are so cute! They would be great for pictures or special holidays. Check them out!