Thursday, January 30, 2014

The one with the painted faces

I tried to come up with fun things to do each day during Christmas break (as much as I could handle while being sick from the pregnancy at least). This day was bake and frost cupcakes and paint faces day!

The one with the Christmas in Hayden Lake

 This year for Christmas, the Duffy's (my sister Heather's family), invited us to their house for Christmas. We were so excited and totally looking forward to a white Christmas! We got there late Saturday afternoon to a few inches of snow, so the kids had fun playing and sliding down the hill on their bellies (the Duffy's were still up at the cabin skiing, so we didn't have sleds because we couldn't find them). But it didn't deter them at all!

 All dressed up for church Sunday.

Ummm, there are no words...
 Sunday night we headed up to the cabin. We got about two blocks before Savannah threw up. Poor thing was coughing so hard, she couldn't help it. This happened a couple more times on the way up, she just was not feeling well. We stopped at the town before Schweitzer for some medicine and cough drops for her. The next day we had planned to ski, but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, and with me being about 13 weeks pregnant, I wasn't up to enduring crappy skiing weather. So we chilled at the cabin and played outside in the snow. Savannah was still not feeling well, and threw up a couple more times. We left early the next morning (Christmas Eve) to take her into Urgent Care. Poor thing had a terrible double ear infection! When the Dr. looked in her first ear she said, "Oh ya, that's bad." Ugh! I felt terrible! But we loaded up on antibiotics and headed home to the Duffy's to try and get things ready for Christmas Eve. The rest of the clan arrived home later that afternoon, and we got started in the kitchen. We had the traditional acting out of the Nativity, then had a fun white elephant gift exchange. The highlight of the night for me was when Don showed us a touching video clip of the Savior. You can view it here . What a beautiful way to end the night thinking of the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas eve!

Brad as Joseph, and Brooklyn as Mary. 

Umm, not sure why we are using a duck as baby Jesus?! lol 

The whole cast

Apparently the shepard got tired and needed to sit on Joseph' lap lol 

Savannah developed a special affinity toward Brad

With their new Christmas jammies


 So unfortunately, around 3 am, Brooklyn came running into my room saying her stomach didn't feel well. I got her in to the bathroom and the poor thing lost it. Needless to say, Christmas morning was pretty sad for her. Erik was also sick that night. Then later in the day, Troy and I got the stomach bug. Fun times! We were planning on heading home the day after Christmas, but needed an extra day to recoup after the nasty illness. We headed home Friday with a promise to redo Christmas at the Duffy's again one day. It was definitely an unforgettable Christmas!

The one with the first (and possibly only) snow of the season!

The one with Santa Claus

NAES (Erik's company), had their annual Kids Christmas party. We all look forward to this fun day every year. Santa always makes a special appearance and comes bearing gifts for all the kids!
Pretty girl

So excited!!


Love at first sight. :)

The one with the first lost tooth

Brooklyn's first tooth was literally hanging by a thread and she was totally against Erik or me pulling it. But when my friend Toni came over, she offered to "look" at the tooth, and walah! Out came the tooth. 

Bloody picture, but notice the tooth already grown in? Ya, it was definitely time to get that tooth out. 

The tears soon followed this picture. Poor thing

The one with faces of pure joy

Oh to be a kid again!! The pictures speak for themselves :)