Monday, February 27, 2012

The one with all the pink hearts

I completely failed to blog about Valentine's this year. We don't do anything extraordinary, but it is something I like to document. And the kids enjoy this little holiday, as do I! I remember my Mom and Dad always made the day extra special. We started off with a yummy breakfast consisting of chocolate covered strawberry waffles (basically, strawberry cake mix mixed with chocolate chips, then drizzled with melted chocolate and sliced strawberries), and of course pink milk. The kids also opened their Valentine's from us (a couple DVD's, candy, coloring books, etc). For lunch we had the token heart shaped PB & J, and for dinner, we tried a new tradition of cheesy fondue and cookies and cream chocolate fondue for dessert. Yummo!! It was a fun day to celebrate our love for each other and to enjoy some goodies. :)

Fun heart hair for the day :)

I nibbled on these chunky thighs all day, instead of chocolate!

Those cheeks took a few nibbles too. How can I resist?!
Dinner. The kids thought it was so fun to dip their food in the cheese!

I painted hearts on our plates with a little food coloring mixed with powdered sugar and water.


Brianne said...

You are so fun!

Li said...

Ha! I was going to say exactly what Brianne said. lol What a fun day! :)

aubrey said...

mmm. i love the idea of fondue on valentine's day! i'm gonna need to remember to do that next year!

Brittany said...

Wow you are such a FUN mom!!! Seriously the food, decor, the hairdo (gorgeous), the cute clothes... super fun and awesome! what a special day for your family... I"m seriously impressed!