Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The one with the back pocket

Favorite moment today (so far): While hurrying into the movie theater to see "Journey 2" ($1 movies all summer long! yay!), Brooklyn tucked her cell phone (my old razor), into her jeans back pocket. Just like Mom. Too.cute.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The one where Savannah turns 1

Wow, 1 year old. It's hard for me to believe a whole year has gone by since our sweet, adorable, mellow Savannah was born! She had a difficult entrance into this world (you can read Savannah's birth story), and really frightened Mommy and Daddy, but she finally made it out of NICU and came home to meet her crazy, but adoring brother and sister. Savannah is still quite the novelty in our house. Brooklyn and Troy still get excited when she wakes up from naps and in the morning. As do I. She really is just a joy! She has grown from a quiet, easy-going infant, to a happy-go-lucky but SPUNKY toddler. Just try and eat something in front of her. Go ahead, I dare you. If you don't share, you will suffer the wrath of Savannah! She was definitely my best nurser, and is for sure my best eater. This kid is eating us out of house and home! She has yet to find a food that she doesn't like. Literally. Just the other night, she was sucking on a lime (peel and all), and was mad when I took it away from her. She is eating all kinds of "big" kid foods, and doesn't really care for baby food anymore, she is WAY too grown up for that. She can pack in a whole avocado, a slice of cheese, a couple pieces of lunch meat and a few large raspberries for dinner. I'm tellin' ya, she can eat! I recently started giving her whole milk, and she can't seem to get enough! When she is done eating, she lets us know by throwing everything on the floor (stinker!), and she thinks that is the funniest thing ever! Oh, and wearing a bib? Forget it. That is the first thing to come off when she is eating. She has even figured out how to pull of the "over-the-head" bibs. Oh well, more laundry for me I guess! (or rather, she just wears dirty clothes all day, poor 3rd child). Savannah is still crawling (fast and furiously!), but recently (as in a couple days ago), started standing up from a sitting position without help from anyone or anything. So we think walking is definitely in the very near future. She screams with joy when Daddy walks in the door, and crawls/toddles over to him as fast as her little body will go. The screams are followed with "Dadda, Dadda, Dadda..." She LOVES him! She loves to torture her big brother already, by tearing up his train tracks, race car tracks, towers of blocks, you name it! And she is learning to be assertive...when she takes one of his toys, she tries to get away as quickly as possible. Savannah is into anything and everything. Leave a drawer open? Expect it to be emptied. Drawers are all closed? No worries, she'll just open them, THEN empty them. The other day, I thought she was playing with all her babies and stuffed animals in her room, but upon inspection, she had opened every one of her dresser drawers and emptied them of everything she could reach. She thought it was hilarious! Silly girl. She loves her blankie, and lately doesn't go anywhere without it, isn't too passionate about her paci (but likes it at bedtimes), likes her babies, but doesn't love them, LOVES to be read to, loves standing on the church pew, and emptying the shelves of hymn books behind us, squiggles, squirms and rolls while getting her diaper changed and getting dressed, roars like a lion, quacks like a duck, says "Hi-ya" to everyone we come across, puts a smile on anyone who sees her, has 7 1/2 teeth (one is ALMOST peeking through), loves to be rocked, snuggled and sung to before bedtime (as long as I am standing up), loves bath-time, especially when she gets to take one with her brother and/or sister, if there's music you can bet she is shaking her hips, still twists her hands and feet when she's excited, doesn't have a fondness for grass, loves to swing, and loves to chit-chat. Her vocabulary is about the same as it was around 11 months: Hi, buh bye, "ahh dun" (all done), Mama, Dadda.
We are so thankful for our sweet, adorable, happy, energetic, hungry (all.the.time), loving, kissable Savannah. Life definitely wouldn't be the same without her. She brings a spirit to our home that no one else could. We love you Savannah! Happy 1st Birthday!!!

1st time holding my sweet baby

Yay! Finally going home!!

"And I thought NICU was crazy!"

Aunt Heather and cousin Carmen came to help Mommy and Daddy out. We are so thankful to them!


Blessing day!

"I love rice cereal!!"

Merry Christmas!

"If I play my cards right, I think I can get anything I want."

"Mmmm, sweet potatoes!!"

"I'm #1!"  with Grandpa Hill

"Happy Easter!"

"mmmm twinkies. This darn wrapper is in my way!"

"Mmmm squeezable baby food." Notice a theme here?! lol

Goofy grin
A rare face on Savannah. Glad I captured it!

"Hooray, I'm 1!!" 

Monday, June 18, 2012

The one where she hums

Brooklyn is and always has been my big helper. Just this morning she asked me if she could help unload the dishwasher. As all mom's know, most of the time, when your 5 year old wants to help with chores, it will take longer than usual. But this morning, I "let" her help me. I had pandora playing my Sara Bareilles station while we unloaded and you know what? That little 5 year old hummed along to the songs like she knew all of them. I just had to write it down because it was one of the most endearing things. She is such an old soul and loves to be the mother/homemaker. I know she was just mimicking what I do all the time. She is my Joy!! Love her.