Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where did my babies go?!

Troy turned 14 months yesterday. He is totally acting like a toddler lately, and not so much like a baby. So sad! He has grown leaps and bounds these past couple months. He has conquered walking (and almost running-he started walking consistently around 12 1/2 months), tackling his older sister, playing catch with whomever will play with him, climbing onto chairs, folding his arms for prayer and so many other things. His favorite words and phrases are: I love you (Ay wuv you), I want some more (Ay dum mo), Hi, Buh-bye, ball, dog-dog, Dada, Mama, outside (oodide), and so many more! He is such a sweet happy boy. He loves playing with Brooklyn and enjoys teasing her even more. Little stinker! Oh, and he pretty much always has bloody lip. And right now he's sporting a black eye that he's had for almost 2 weeks now! He's a rough and tumble kind of guy.

Brooklyn is now 27 months and has also grown leaps and bounds. She gibber-gabs with me ALL DAY LONG...and I love it! She often talks about her Grandma's and Grandpa's, playing outside on the slide and swings, painting and coloring, and going bye-bye. She LOVES going anywhere, but especially Lowe's (she loves the car carts there), and the grocery store where she always gets a free cookie. If I even go in the direction of Lowe's she asks if that is where we're going. Silly girl. She is a very sweet big sister and plays so well with Troy. She doesn't really like to "share" her toys, but she will take turns. Whatever works right? One of my favorite things about Brooklyn right now is her singing. She loves to sing, and has started busting out songs out of nowhere lately. Especially "Little Mermaid" songs, "Happy Birthday," "Twinkle, Twinkle," "ABC's," and "The Wise Man Built His House on the Rock." But she does NOT enjoy my singing and usually tells me to "STOP SINGING!" Ouch, Grandma and Grandpa paid a lot of money for me to be a good singer you little stinker! lol She is my little joy!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy, happy Birthday Erik dear!!!

Erik celebrated his 31st birthday this past Friday (the 9Th). We met him for lunch, and went to his favorite place, Extreme Pizza. I brought banana bread for the office (it was supposed to be cupcakes, but I didn't have enough eggs and I wasn't about to go to the store at 7:30 in the morning, so I improvised). That night all Erik wanted to do for his birthday was to sit at home and watch the Yankees play (even though I had a willing and free babysitter!!). So I cooked up some ribs and made him his favorite ice-cream cake (lemonade). He opened presents (actually the kids opened them for him), and we enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home.

The day after (Saturday) we took the kids to a little pumpkin patch/farm. Troy thought all the pumpkins were balls and would pick up the little ones and throw them. Brooklyn sat on all the pumpkins like they were her own little personal chairs. We enjoyed a short little hayride, and Brooklyn jumped in the bouncy house and took a couple turns down the big bouncy slide.

After the farm, we headed over to see the salmon. This is the time of year when all the old, grungy salmon go back up stream to spawn and die. They are huge, and there are TONS of them! Troy kept calling them all "dog-dog's." I didn't get any pictures of the kids with the salmon, maybe next year. They always come back! :)

Oh, and Sunday, Brooklyn had her first time in a full head of sponge rollers. Too cute. I just put them in with dry hair the morning of. Next week I'll attempt the night before with damp hair.
Troy helping open presents.
Notice all the BSU stuff? Ya, I'm finally learning that that is all he wants. :)

First time in a full head of curlers!
The end result (more wavy than curly). But still cute I think.

Monday, October 12, 2009

That's the good stuff

Tonight we were trying to get Brooklyn settled down and ready for prayers and asking her to fold her arms. This is how the conversation went:

Erik: "Brooklyn, Jesus wants you to fold your arms for prayers."
Marcie (pointing to a big Christus): "Look there's Jesus, he wants you to fold your arms."
Brooklyn (while holding a soccer ball): "Jesus catch!"
Erik: "No Brooklyn, Jesus doesn't want to catch the ball (chuckle, chuckle). Just fold your arms."
Brooklyn (looking up at Jesus with his arms out-stretched): "Hey, fold your arms!"

Oh man. We got a good laugh. Gotta love kids! :)