Monday, July 1, 2013

The one with some oldies, but goodies

When I downloaded pictures tonight, some old pictures came up that must not have ever been downloaded. I couldn't help but post!

Brooklyn is 3 1/2 and Troy is 2 1/2. My goodness, they change fast!

The one with the big 2 year old

Savannah turned 2!! And she is embracing her 2 year old age like a champ...err should I say maniac?! This girl is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! But oh man, can she make us laugh. Savannah is definitely the comedian in the family. I said that about Troy, but Savannah LOVES to entertain us, and will do pretty much anything you tell her to on the spot...which can be dangerous when you have a big brother. :)

Anyway, Savannah still loves to dance, especially on tables (we are hoping to quell this habit before teenage-hood lol), loves to drink her milk, LOVES her pacifier and blanket, loves to read books (and it is so wonderful to have a sister who loves to read to her!!), loves to swim and jump in the water (this girl has NO fear whatsoever!), loves her big brother and sister to pieces, and she loves her babies. Grandma Hill sent her a baby doll for her birthday and she just adores it! She likes to wrap her up and put her night-night. Savannah is also into EVERYTHING! She usually empties out my purse several times a day (you'd think I would learn to put it up huh? Well, she would climb to get it, so I don't even bother any more!), can empty her WHOLE dresser in 3 minutes flat...usually while I'm in the shower. And she does all these shenanigans in pure silence, of course. Her new favorite thing to do is to get into the fridge and pull out as much as she can, then proceed to throw tantrums when I don't let her eat say, the Sirache sauce (super hot sauce!). She is still my great sleeper, and goes to bed usually at the latest 7, then is up around 7. Although lately she has been waking up early around 5:30, but I bring her into our bed and she goes back to sleep for another couple hours. Love it. Her vocabulary continues to amaze me, and she literally repeats everything we say. She still says "Whatth" (and it still melts my heart every time!). She gives the funniest facial expressions, I wish I could capture them all on camera. This girl is super animated and definitely has a flare for dramatics! We love our sweet, spunky, energetic, smart, crazy, beautiful Savannah!!

For Savannah's birthday we ate lunch at the park with friends (after Brooklyn's last day of Kindergarten!), then had dinner at Red Robin. They came and sang to her, and she kind of freaked out. But the ice-cream they brought her calmed her down instantly. This girl will endure anything for ice-cream!

See? Dancing and singing on the table, even at the park!

Presents! Cousins Nicole (my niece) and her girls Annie and Shae dropped by with a surprise gift! We always love when they come by :)

Aww, Mom, I love it!

And there's a shot of her crazy/psycho side! lol

Brooklyn and Troy made the sweetest cards to go with their gifts. Troy even gave her one of his very own soccer balls. Sweet boy loves his baby sister.

Real stompies!!

Savannah's birthday ended with a movie night. It just so happened to be the last day of school too, so the kids were excited to stay up late and munch on popcorn and treats. 

The one with the fake snow

A few weeks ago, I looked outside at the kids playing and there was snow on the ground! In May!! Oh nope, just flowers from our bush. They sure had fun "making it snow!"