Thursday, March 8, 2012

The one where Brooklyn wants to be a boy

Tonight we got to go watch my amazing neice swim in Federal Way (about 45 min. south of Seattle). She is shooting for the Olympic trials, and is SOO close to qualifying! We have been able to watch her swim a few times here in the past 6 years we have lived here, and it amazes me every time how fast she is. Not only is she a super fast swimmer, but she is beautiful, sweet, intelligent, very musically inclined, and the biggest sweetheart!! She is just one of the amazing neices (and nephews) we have.

Anyway, on our drive home tonight, Brooklyn was asking how our tithing gets to Heavenly Father. She said, "I wish I could be with the guy when he gives our money to Heavenly Father and Jesus." How sweet is that?! Well, it didn't stop there...I explained to her that they don't literally give it to Heavenly Father, but that they give it to our church and it shows our Faith in Him. She replied, "So it makes Him really happy and makes Him smile big?" Me-"Yup, it makes Him super happy and He smiles bigger than anyone!" She thought about this for a couple minutes, then said,"Mom, if I were a boy, I would want to be Heavenly Father or Jesus so I could have a big mouth." Haha Aww, out of the mouth of babes! What a special little girl we have.

Then she talked about how big They are, and Troy said, "I want to be as big as Heavenly Father and Jesus!" Such sweet kids. What did we ever do without them?!


Lori said...

B&T are such crack ups. If I know Savannah, I bet that she was sitting there with as big of a smile on her face as Heavenly Father as well :)
That is awesome news about your neice! I'm so glad for her that you are able to go support her as she trains and races!

Brittany said...

lol too funny! :) That is awesome about your neice too - she sounds like a really neat girl!