Saturday, March 24, 2012

The one with the tea party

Our dear friend Brittany is pregnant with her 3rd baby, and we just HAD to celebrate it!! A few of us threw her a tea party baby shower and we had such a blast! Brittany is one of those friends who will do anything for you (I should know, she came over in the middle of the night when I went into labor with Savannah, even after just taking Nyquil because she was so sick!!). Anyway, we are so thankful for her and her friendship and I am so thankful she left all her family in Utah to come live here by me! :) hehehe

The Hostess's: Kristina Wi, Aubrey Peterson, Stephanie Rigtrup, Me, Alexis Allen, and not pictured, Kelly Jensen (she was attending a family funeral)

Aubrey, Li and Whitney

Kristina, Brittany, & Stephanie

Lori, Elaine, Alexis, Me

Lomney, Rory, Diane, Lauri, & Allison

And the beautiful Brittany!! Isn't she tiny?! I'm not even this little NOT pregnant! She is one beautiful pregnant gal for sure!


Kelly said...

So sad I missed this party!