Sunday, September 30, 2012

The one with the goofy girl

Dang she's cute. And goofy :)

The one with the soccer players

"Soccceeerrrrr!!!"  These two can't get enough. And Savannah doesn't seem to mind too much either. We'll see how we all feel about it when we have to sit through games in the rain. So far we have lucked out with incredible weather! I am actually coaching Brooklyn's team, which has been a lot of work, but also very fun. There has already been so much improvement in their skills in just a few short weeks since we began! I'm a proud mama. 

Troy's coach got them these awesome uniforms. We called Troy "T-Rex" when he was a baby, so he wanted that name on the back. 

My little team


Proud moment :)

The one where Troy goes to school

Troy is a preschooler! A few of my friends and me are doing a co-op/joyschool preschool together. So far so good! I have the month of October, so it should be fun! It worked out great when we did it with Brooklyn, and Troy already loves it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The one with the biker

Oh man, she is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!! 

The one with the Wi's

My good friend Kristina was about to have a baby, so I wanted to watch her kids for her so she could relax a little bit...instead she went to Winco. The most UN-relaxing place EVER! lol We had a lot of fun that day! These kids play so well together. 

Umm, hello cute baby in dress-ups!! 

Be still my beating heart! So precious!!

The kids all chilling with a snack after running through sprinklers. Savannah thinks she is so big!

All the girlies. 

And can't forget the boys!

The one at the beach house

A couple weekends ago we headed over to Anderson Island with our good friends, the Rigtrups. Their friend offered them the use of their beach house. And Seriously, prime spot, right on the sound!! It had such a beautiful view, and the location was perfect. It was just the little get-a-way that our little family needed! Erik wasn't able to make it with us, his brother was in town, but we are hoping to go again someday! We had such a blast. We headed up Friday late afternoon,. Saturday, we headed to a local lake and it was definitely the best lake we have ever been to. They had a little kiddie slide and a bigger slide for older kids, farther out in the lake. There was also a raised platform dock you could jump/dive off of! So much fun! I showed off a little on the platform dock thinking Brooklyn and Troy would be totally impressed with their "cool" mom, but they didn't really care! lol Ah well. It was a great weekend spent with great friends, eating great food, and lots of R & R...just what the Dr. ordered. 

Sunset, Friday night. Beautiful!!

Stephanie and Hyrum Rigtrup

I was standing on the deck while the kids played below on the beach. 

Success!! They found tons of tiny crabs

These two have so much fun together! (Troy and Thomas)

Kiddie slide in the shallow area


Brooklyn swam out to the big slide...she's my brave one!

I think she changed her mind mid-slide lol notice the grip she has on the slide, as if she could stop herself! Going down once was good enough for her. :)

Troy, Brooklyn and Bryant playing in the sand. They have so much fun together!

The one where we all scream for icecream

The pictures speak for themselves. Savannah definitely enjoyed her 1st ice-cream cone. :)

"Want some?"

Monday, September 3, 2012

The one with the freezing water

Aww, the Puget Sound. So inviting, and yet soooo freezing. But still super fun to visit! We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place where we can enjoy the beach (the Sound) only 15 minutes away from us! Seattle was hitting the 90's on this particular Saturday, so we packed the car, and joined some good friends at the beach. What a great day!

This girl LOVES the water. Even when it's a frigid 50 or so degrees! 

What an adorable, amazing family I have! So blessed

"Hmmm, I bet this tastes good..."



Brooklyn is super brave too, and ended up getting all the way in!  Troy walked in past his waist. I couldn't even stay in with just my feet in the water it was so cold! I've grown weak in my old age. Erik and Eric Richardson on the other hand, proved their "manliness" by getting in the water ALL.THE.WAY. Their wives were so proud and we were swooning with love for them and being so tough. ha!

Just one in her "collection." Which is still sitting outside in a bucket...a month later :)

My goofy, adorable kids! But I'm not biased. :)