Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

Brooklyn is my big 3 year old. And what usually happens when you have a 3 year old (other than screaming tantrums when they don't get the toy/popcorn they want while trying to escape Target without being reported to CPS because you just flicked her lip while complete strangers stared at you like you were beating the crap out of your child...not that this happened to me, I've just heard about it. ha!)? Well, when you have a 3 year old, you start preschool. Actually, I had no intention of putting Brooklyn into preschool, I just don't feel it necessary when I can teach her the same things if not more while at home and saving $200 per month. But a few of us moms with preschool age children got together and started a little preschool of our own. We ordered some awesome (and inexpensive!) curriculum online and divvied out the next 9 months between the 5 of us. I was first up with September. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant and nervous about the first day, but it was a total success! What a blast we had. And such SMART kids! I am having such a blast so far, and I'm looking forward to teaching again in February (ok, and I'm also excited about NOT teaching for 4 months lol).

Such sweet siblings.

Posing before school starts. 1st day!

snack time, yellow and red foods

The 2nd week we made pizza. They were a hit!! We do lots of fun things, other than just eating  too. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A birthday treat

This year for my birthday, Erik surprised me with a weekend get-a-way to Leavenworth. It's a cute little Bavarian village right here in Washington. Well, being the spoiled wife I am (haha ya right!)
, I asked if we could forgo that trip and head to Hayden Lake to visit my sister and her family instead. We haven't been up there for years, so I was super excited when it all worked out with everyone! So a few weekends ago, we packed up the car and drove the short 4 1/2 hours to their house. We had such a great time too! We enjoyed lots of R & R and even caught my nephew Shaun's first football game. And then we water-skied "all day" Saturday. OK, so we were only actually on the boat for about 45 minutes before a storm rolled in. But I did manage to ski, wake-board and tube in that small amount of time. Of course, it only takes about a minute of skiing before my muscles are twitching with over-use. lol  I am so not 16 anymore and just can't ski for hours and hours on end! It's a little embarrassing. Anyway, we had a great time, ate great food, including a smorgasbord breakfast of champions (Don KNOWS how to do breakfast!). And we really enjoyed being with family. Heather and I of course had our "sisterly" moments, or as the brother-in-law's would refer to those moments, our crazy and out of control moments. I never laugh as hard as I do as when I am with my sisters. I love that we can all be super goofy and crazy with each other. We have no inhibitions when we're together! And that's just the way it should be right? Thanks for the great weekend Duffy's!!

The kids had  a blast at the football game. Especially playing on the hand rails.
Troy driving the boat with Uncle Don.

Troy was a brave kid and rode the tube. Fun times!

Troy and his "bodygaurds." Cousin Brad and Shaun

Playing with Brad and Daddy.

Cousin Shaun.

"Ewww, Troy did you toot?!"
Brooklyn with cousin Carmen! She is the sweetest and the kids LOVED her!!