Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in B-town

We had a great few short days in Boise this past weekend. There was lots of time spent with Grandma's, Grandpa's and cousins. Brooklyn and Troy were loving every minute! Brooklyn had fun riding the 4-wheeler with Grandpa Hill and Daddy, running up and down the hill, going down the HUGE slide, swinging on the swings, "gardening" with Grandma Paternoster, and playing with cousins galore! Erik was able to see the Boise State football scrimmage (he's been looking forward to that for a while now!). I ran Robie Creek with my sister's, Holly and Megan, and sister-in-law Cassie. Good times! It's a tough half-marathon (uphill for the first 9 miles, down-hill for the last 4). But we conquered the mountain and made it to the finish line. I just kept thinking, "I have to hurry and finish so I can feed Troy!" I had a little bout of heat exhaustion after the race, but other than that and some sore legs and sunburn, it was great! I'm gearing up for next year already. Needless to say, we all came home exhausted. Vacation is always fun, but it is definitely always nice to come home too. Thanks for the fun times everyone! Here is an over-load of pictures of the weekend. For some reason I didn't get any with the Paternoster's this time. Seems like it's one family or the other on our visits. Next time I'm aiming for pictures with both families!

Troy enjoyed the complimentary magazines on the airplane. Brooklyn enjoyed watching Barney and eating snacks on the plane. Such good kids.
Deep thoughts, by Erik and Troy.
Fun in the swing.
"Mom, why can't I go outside and play too?" "Weeee!"
I'm king of the hill!
Riding the 4-wheeler with Grandpa, Katie, and Drew.

"Could this be any more fun Grandpa?!" With cousins Katie and Drew. "Hi Mommy!"
Umm, Holly, you're going the wrong way.
Run, ladies, run! When Cassie and I ran Robie 3 years ago, we had a picture like this of us "running." So we had to re-create it. Mike's idea! haha
Brooklyn before the race, she was so good! She loved walking around and staring at all the crazy runners.
Bunch of "posers." lol
Oooh, sexy legs. "I'm with fatty." (inside joke)
Yes, we're hams.
Mike in his muscle shirt before the race.

Coming to the finish line...FINALLY!!
Checking our time
Yea! We did it!!
Megan showing off and finishing the race with a cart-wheel.
Yea Megan and Cassie!
With my sweet baby boy after the race. The 3 stooges. Troy, Zander, & Natalie.
"Dude, Zander, get your foot off me!" Natalie was pretending to be like Troy. Funny girl!
Troy snuggling with Grandpa Hill.
Grandpa Hill, Troy, and cousin Patrice.
The Terry and Dee Paternoster family.Grandma Dee and Troy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday we went to the annual ward Easter breakfast and egg hunt. Luckily the Easter bunny hid the eggs in the building this time since it was rainy and muddy outside. We practiced looking for eggs the night before and Brooklyn had a blast "finding" all the eggs. She didn't have to search too hard at the egg hunt though since they were scattered all over the floor because there were so many! I guess the Easter bunny hasn't been hit by the economy yet.

Sunday was great. The kids looked adorable (to us at least!), but Brooklyn was not in the mood for pictures. Little stinker. So, she's crying in them all. Oh well. She really got into the whole "beautiful dress" mode at church. She would hold the sides of her dress look up at people and swish back and forth, just waiting for a compliment. She is definitely her Daddy's daughter. Lol

We finished off the day at our good friends, the Rigtrups, for Easter dinner. Yummy ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, spinach & artichoke stuffed rolls, fruit salad, lemon meringue pie and chocolate cream pie! We all ate way too much! Thanks again guys for always having us over!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I love to see the temple...

In keeping with the advice of President Monson he gave yesterday (I think it was him at least!), we decided to take the kids to the temple tonight for FHE and "let them touch the temple!" Ok, Brooklyn probably didn't even realize it was there. She was too excited to run around the temple grounds. What a blessing to have temples to visit! I felt so overwhelmed looking at the U.S. flag flying next to the Angel Moroni. I am so thankful to be able to worship freely!!

"Knock, knock!"

Brookyn didn't want to stop to pose for pictures! No rest for the weary!
Last week my good friends Toni and Stephanie came over for a much needed girls lunch. Brooklyn and Troy LOVE them! Brooklyn especially loves their kids. Toni brought Jocelyn (known as "Jossy" to Brooklyn), and Brooklyn couldn't have been more thrilled! She doesn't get out much. Ha ha! She always talks about her friends "Jossy" and "Ella". We ate a light lunch so we could fill up on this: yummy lemon pudding cake! Toni playing "Simon says" with the kids. :)
Troy and Stephanie
Brooklyn and Joselyn. See how much she looks up to her?!