Friday, November 25, 2011

The one with Brooklyn in the gymnastics meet.

Brooklyn has been taking a little gymnastics class at our local community center and loving it! A couple weeks ago, a gym where her coach coaches hosted a little gymnastics "meet" for the preschool age kids. She had a blast! Brooklyn definitely has a natural ability. I find myself needing to reign in my competitive edge with her in gymnastics. I have "stage mom" qualities coming out that I never knew existed!! When she is in her class, I find myself day-dreaming of her competing in gymnastics and going all the way!! lol I also have to zip my lip when I see something she is doing incorrectly in her class and not correct her (because her coach will, and I shouldn't get involved right? Right?!). I like to think that it is just because I have a little gymnastics background that I do this (and kind of know what I am doing in the sport), but I have a feeling I will be like this with all sports/activities with my kids, no matter my experience in the activity. It's in my nature! So... stage-mom, here I come!

Brooklyn has since learned to get into kip position and do a full hip circle all by herself!

I love this picture...It reminds me of the many my mom and dad have of me waiting to get a ribbon or medal. And I know they have hundreds more of my other sisters. So fun!

Ta-da! "1st" place! ;)


Taryn said...

she is adorable!! so cute!

trueconvictions said...

What a cutie!!! And yes, "stage mom" runs in the family! I do it with Patrice in volleyball, cuz I have watched a few games when Melanie played! Sigh!

Lori said...

I too was surprised at the stage mom in myself. It is nearly impossible to sit and watch and not get in there and critique in Addie's classes, and I dont even know much about dance or gymnastics! I'm glad that brooklyn is having so much fun and doing so well!

Heather and Don said...

She is 'perfect'! This is fun stuff!