Monday, November 21, 2011

The one in the chair.

Brooklyn and Troy are still completely enamoured with Savannah. They love her to pieces!! They especially love to hold her, and it's kind of nice for me too because she is sturdy enough that I don't have to help them (and she isn't mobile, so she pretty much stays put). Just about every time they do hold her, they want me to take pictures, so this time I obliged. They won't be this young and adorable forever!!

I can't get over how much they look alike in this photo. Savannah looks JUST like Troy did when he was a baby.

This is Savannah's grumpy face. We don't see it often, but when we do we can't help but laugh! She's so cute when she's sad. I know, we are so mean. lol

Brooklyn is such a sweetie to her baby sister. And I've said this before, but Savannah LOVES her! She gives Brooklyn the biggest laughs. All Brooklyn has to do is look at her and she laughs. Savannah is quite stingy with her laughs and doesn't offer them up much, but she is VERY generous with ear-to-ear grins!
Savannah at 4 months.
Troy around 4 months

Think they are siblings or what?!


Taryn said...

They are sooooooo cute!! I want to see them soon! Love you guys!

Meg said...

I loved when my girls discovered that they could hold corbin and he had no way of escaping! It was especially great when he would get fussy while I was trying to get dinner ready. It is great having little built in babysitters!

Li said...

Look at those big smiles! So adorable. :) Savannah and Troy do look SO much alike, but I think Savannah does look more "girly".

The Raguskus Family said...

Your kids are so adorable!