Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The one where Savannah eats rice cereal!

Savannah got her first bite of rice cereal a couple weeks ago (yes, I am a couple weeks behind on blogging).Anyway...she absolutely, positively LOVED it! Wanna know how we could tell? When Savannah gets excited, she stiffens up her arms and legs and starts to shake. Troy used to do the same thing, along with twirling his hands and feet. So far she just does the stiff legs and arms, but it is still so funny! She had her second take on rice cereal tonight, and once again, LOVED the stuff. Brooklyn really likes to help out and feed her too. It's still a novelty in this house.

Biggest.grin.ever. And hello double chin and huge cheeks!!! So kissable.

"Am I gonna get some more?!"
Erik found the hula outfit we had for Brooklyn when we went to Hawaii a few years ago, and he did a little impromptu photo shoot.


Had to add this picture to demonstrate the stiff legs. :)


Lori said...

Oh her chubs and smiles are too fab! and she is cute as could be in that hawaii getup. Love it!

Meg said...

That coconut bra is killer awesome. Too cute!

And having and older sibling to feed the baby is just about the greatest thing ever! The novelty didn't wear off with Reese until Corbin was old enough to grab the spoon away and throw it....so you have a few good months ahead!

Heather and Don said...

So cute!! I love her chubby cheeks. Funny, Carmen used to twirl her hands and feet also. We have it on video. So hilarious!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, that Hawaiian outfit fits her perfectly. I remember when Brooklyn wore that, so funny! Gotta love those chubby babies :)

Brittany said...

oh my goodness she is SO PRECIOUS!! I seriously can't get over how cute that chubby little face is! :) her smiles are so sweet and happy. What a cutie!