Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween festivities

It seems like Halloween was a week-long holiday this year. Maybe it was because it fell on a Monday, so the whole weekend was chalk-full of Halloween parties and activities. But we sure had fun! I was reminiscing of my own childhood and Halloween memories. My mom and dad were seriously the best and made each holiday special. Maybe it's pretty ordinary, but it was special to me. Every Halloween, my mom would take us to get pumpkins, then help us carve or paint them. And she was AMAZING at this! Being the artist that she is, her pumpkins were always the best. My brother Mike and sister Megan always had great ones too. I remember always trying to copy theirs, but I was not blessed with artistic talent, so mine always looked sub-par compared to theirs (and I'm sad to say, my artistic ability has not increased with age, but I fear I am actually regressing!). Then on Halloween night, all my older sisters and brother would be out doing their own thing with friends (I am four years younger than my closest in age sister), and my Dad would take me out trick-or-treating. Since we lived in the boonies, he'd drive me around wherever I wanted to go and he always knew where they were handing out king size candy bars. I few years, he even took myself and a few friends. I'm sure he really enjoyed that! But he honestly really seemed to enjoy it, and I never once heard him complain. I love that I have these memories with them. I seem to be reminiscing about them a lot lately. I'm sure if it is because they are getting older, or because I am. Either way, it's fun to look back on fun times with my mom and dad. Now I am really enjoying making new traditions and memories with my own kids. I hope when they are as old as me (yikes!!), that they will be able to look back on Halloween and other holidays with as much fondness as I do. Now, on to the pictures...the real reason anyone looks at blogs. lol
We hit up Fall City Farms again this year with friends. We went during the week this time, and it wasn't as busy, but they also didn't have everything running like they do on the the hayride. But we did a little photo-op anyway.

Talking to the friendly goats.

This cow was so sweet!! The kids pet her and fed her for quite a while.

Our ward had a Trunk or treat and Brooklyn decided at the last minute (around 5:30) that she wanted to be a kitty. Fine by me! It's always my old stand-by costume too. Like mother, like daughter. But I dare say, she made an adorable kitty!


My costume was last minute (as usual) too. I like to dress up, but just can't justify spending tons of $$$ on a costume. So I looked at what I had on for the day, and coined myself as an 80's punk-rocker. A little (or a lot in this case!) of makeup always does the trick. Erik is a BYU fan. Troy was a horse, but kept telling us he would put on his costume "In 20 minutes." lol. And Savannah was a skunk for the night.

"Gonna make it. Gonna make it."

"Ah ha! I made it!"  Name that movie. :)

Checking out his loot.

Savannah got to hang out with Miss Jen for most of the night. She loves that thumb! Stinker!!!

I didn't take any pictures of Halloween night, but we have video that we will hopefully post...soon. Or next year, whichever comes first. ;)


Nicole said...

That skunk costume is too cute!! And we're loving Erik's costume. LOL

Brittany said...

cute pics - love the kitty and skunk costumes - adorable! That reminiscing you did struck a cord with me...I'm the same way! Always remembering the awesome times I had growing up and how fun it is to create equally fun memories iwth my children now. Fun stage in life!!