Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The one with the ole' red, white, and blue

We hosted the 4th of July annual BBQ this year with friends. We had the Allens, Rigtrups, and Jensens over, and Joel Oneill made an appearance as well. We were a little concerned that we would end up with rain and have to squeeze into our house, but the weather couldn't have been more perfect, and the kids kept themselves occupied in the yard. Success!! There were 9 adults, and 11 kids. Full house for sure for us! Then of course after dinner, we headed to the Rigtrups for our traditional letting off of fireworks (they live outside of the city, so it's legal there). The kids had a blast, and there were no casualties. :) We always feel so blessed to have such amazing friends here. They really have filled that void of not having family in the area (although now we have my niece and her family here! But they were out of town, so it doesn't count lol).

"Hey Savannah, put your hands down!"

"Ok Mom!" 

Taylor was making them laugh. :)

Happy 4th of July!!

Some of the decor, sorry about the butt shot Kelly! lol

Work it Kelly!!

These boys played ball all evening. Bryant rocked Troy, but he still had a blast!

The drink station

Savannah, totally busted. Filling up her cup, then dumping it out! little stinker

Savannah loves Bryant!

With Auntie Stephanie

Apparently the flash was a tad bright lol


Brianne said...

Cute shirts! You always decorate your awning so cute. Looks like a fun 4th!

Nicole Cope said...

Love the pictures! Especially your fancy red and white fabric decor. You're awesome.