Friday, September 13, 2013

The one when the Balls come to visit

We love when the Balls come to visit! Our families seem to mesh seamlessly, and we always have a blast. Friday night we went out for Mexican food, then just hung out around home. Saturday we visited the Freemont Troll, ate a delicious lunch at Bongo's (a little Cuban place near Greenlake), then the boys headed out for the big game. I got us girls a baby-sitter, so Katie and I headed out for a little dinner and shopping. We decided shopping took precedence over food, so we shopped, then grabbed a quick bite at Gyro house. Yum! We came home happy with our purchases, and stuffed to the brim in our tummies. The boys however didn't have as much success with the outcome of the game. It was a major blow-out for the Broncos, and Coach Pete's biggest loss yet. Needless to say, they were a tad bummed when they got home. Sunday we went to church, then headed out so the Balls could get an early start on the road. We let the kids run around Coulon for a bit so they would be tired on the road. We were sad to see them go so soon, but can't wait for their next visit! 

Have you seen any cuter girls?! 

Gooooo Broncos!!! 

"Get me off this creepy thing!!"

These boys are kinda strange... lol 

I LOVE the way Troy is looking up to Tyler in this picture. It totally depicts how Troy feels about Tyler. He is such a great kid and role-model! And SOOOOO patient with Troy. 

Work it ladies!

A little treat before the game, and babysitter! Notice Savannah didn't stop drinking just for another measly photo. That girl loves her milkshakes!