Friday, September 13, 2013

The one with the handsome 5 year old!

Holy moly, Troy is 5!!! This boy keeps us on our toes with all his energy, enthusiasm, gusto, and sometimes temper. We love him to the end of the numbers! He wanted a Batman birthday party, so that's what he got!

What a handsome kid. Love that cute smile

They were all pretty excited about the pirate ship

Troy asked for ice-cream instead of cake. But he picked out cake batter ice-cream! lol 

All the super-heroes! 

Cousins! Shae and Annie

"On your marks, get set..."


Yes, we do coloring stations at every party now. The kids love it! 

Troy totally scored!

"Oh my heck! Troy, now we have TWO!!!" 

Ready, aim, FIRE! 

Kinda hard to smile with a mouth full of candy aye Shae?! lol 

The party ended with a little nerf gun fight.