Friday, September 13, 2013

The one with the kids going off to school

Big Kindergartner!! And full day even!! He was so excited. 

What a handsome guy. 

Savannah was set on going to school too. When we dropped Troy off in his classroom, she insisted on putting her back-pack in a cubby then said to me, "Bye Mom! I go to school!"  Poor thing left kicking and screaming because I wouldn't let her stay. 
Can I really have a 1st grader?! 

Troy was SUPER excited to be getting his picture taken. I think he was just mad that he wasn't starting school that day. He started a couple days later. They did what they call a "gentle start" for the kindergartners this year, since it is full day. 

My girls! Thanks Troy for the great picture!

Savannah and I have been loving our one-on-one time! But we are definitely ready at the end of the day for Brooklyn and Troy to come back home. I am so proud of Brooklyn and Troy and the great choices they make at school every day. I know they are great friends and students to all they meet. I couldn't be prouder!


Brittany said...

sweet post! Too funny about Savannah not wanting to be left out of the fun at school! ;) Brooklyn looks so tall and old!! Wow it's crazy!