Monday, September 3, 2012

The one with the villain and Avenger

They laughed, they cried, they screamed, they got the crap scared out of them...I'd say all in all, the party was a success. No seriously, there was a moment at the party when they were all terrified. Not on purpose. And it is actually quite funny in hind-sight. See, I had asked Erik if he would wear a villain mask, then come in during the party and dump black balloons (aka bombs) for the kids to pop, then run off so the kids could "Avenge their foe." Apparently Erik takes characters/acting REALLY seriously. He dressed in all black, had the mask on AND a black cap, and proceeded to terrorize the kids! And I don't mean, the kids did a couple measly screams...Troy was full on screaming and crying, Savannah was HYSTERICAL, one kid was plugging his ears while shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut.  Another kid said to me in his tremulous voice, "Thhhhatt's Troy's Daddddy rrrrright?!"  So, yes, I would say the villain was a success!! Ha! Poor kids. The unfortunate thing is I didn't get any pictures of the scene. It was sad at the time, but super funny now. The rest of the party was a tad more low-key, and they all seemed to have a blast. Next time, I'll leave the villain characters in the house. Away from young, impressionable kids.

With all his loot, the morning of his birthday.

My quick version of Thor's weapon. And yes, I am fully aware Superman is NOT an Avenger. He should be. 

Coloring to fill the time while waiting for everyone to arrive. 

"Superhero, superhero,villain" (Duck, duck, goose)

Superhero Savannah!

Simon Says

Workin' it

After the tears, the kids found their bravery and took down the evil villain!

Our awesome aka white trash version of a pinata

Some of the decor. 75 balloons baby! I need to invest in a helium tank! 
Happy Birthday big man! We are so blessed to have you in our family. We sure would be dull without you :)