Monday, September 3, 2012

The one with the freezing water

Aww, the Puget Sound. So inviting, and yet soooo freezing. But still super fun to visit! We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place where we can enjoy the beach (the Sound) only 15 minutes away from us! Seattle was hitting the 90's on this particular Saturday, so we packed the car, and joined some good friends at the beach. What a great day!

This girl LOVES the water. Even when it's a frigid 50 or so degrees! 

What an adorable, amazing family I have! So blessed

"Hmmm, I bet this tastes good..."



Brooklyn is super brave too, and ended up getting all the way in!  Troy walked in past his waist. I couldn't even stay in with just my feet in the water it was so cold! I've grown weak in my old age. Erik and Eric Richardson on the other hand, proved their "manliness" by getting in the water ALL.THE.WAY. Their wives were so proud and we were swooning with love for them and being so tough. ha!

Just one in her "collection." Which is still sitting outside in a bucket...a month later :)

My goofy, adorable kids! But I'm not biased. :)