Sunday, September 30, 2012

The one with the soccer players

"Soccceeerrrrr!!!"  These two can't get enough. And Savannah doesn't seem to mind too much either. We'll see how we all feel about it when we have to sit through games in the rain. So far we have lucked out with incredible weather! I am actually coaching Brooklyn's team, which has been a lot of work, but also very fun. There has already been so much improvement in their skills in just a few short weeks since we began! I'm a proud mama. 

Troy's coach got them these awesome uniforms. We called Troy "T-Rex" when he was a baby, so he wanted that name on the back. 

My little team


Proud moment :)


Rod Stratton said...

The T-rex shirt is awesome!

Lori said...

Lovin' the soccer pics! It's so fun we get to see you guys at most of our games. I love watching your kids play when I get the chance!

Brittany said...

you are seriously amazing for being a coach... super mom!! :)