Thursday, August 16, 2012

The one with the 4 year old

He is loving. He is energetic. He is a snuggler. He is a little comedian. He is athletic. He is enthusiastic. He is an artist. He is intelligent. He is protective. He is a great friend. He is passionate. He is sometimes defiant. He is stubborn. He makes my days better and more interesting. He sometimes frustrates the heck out of me, but then he'll give me his look and ask to snuggle and he melts my heart. Our family is so blessed to have Troy in our family! Happy 4th Birthday big man!!

Boise State fan since birth...whether he likes it or not! lol

1st birthday. He would rather have watermelon than cake!

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday (at his party)
Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you so much and are soooo glad you chose us!!!


Lori said...

Oh sweet Troy, we do love you so much. It's fun to see the pics of him and you guys so young! I still can't wrap my head that that is the 10 month old boy I met and now he's FOUR. Yeesh. So glad we have known you guys all these years now though.