Monday, July 30, 2012

The one with all the red, white, and blue

Happy 4th of July!! Ummm, what do you mean it's almost August?! Just a tad behind...again. This year's 4th was a little different than normal. Erik's brother had a kidney transplant here in Seattle on the 2nd, so his parents were in town. We started the day off with a short visit to the hospital, then headed over to our annual BBQ with the Rigtrups. Grandma and Grandpa Paternoster joined us for food, fun, and fireworks. It's always a great time!

Work it, own it

Brooklyn's reaction to all of the fireworks Bryce brought. She is definitely my daughter. 

The 2nd half of her reaction. 

Grandma Paternoster

Parachute fireworks? let the grappling commence

Troy's reaction after NOT getting the parachute. Check out that bottom lip! Classic

Grandpa Paternoster

Happy 4th of July!! We couldn't feel more blessed to live in this wonderful, free country!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The one with the strawberries

Brooklyn requested a Strawberry Shortcake theme for her birthday party this year. I mainly focused on the color scheme from Strawberry shortcake (pink, red, green, white), and didn't worry too much about having actual Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia. She didn't seem to mind at all, and LOVED her party! Next up: Troy's Avengers 4th birthday party. :)

The entrance to the "Strawberry Patch"

5 years old!

Kind of a plain table. Meant to have the cupcakes on stands, but hey, she's 5, she doesn't care right?!

Brooklyn added the sprinkles all by herself.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the roof of the patio! I covered it with plastic tablecloths and thought it turned out pretty cool. Brooklyn felt pretty special, and that's what it's all about!

"Strawberry, strawberry...SHORTCAKE!" 

Trying to get them lined up for the water balloon toss. lol

Keep the cotton ball on the spoon!

Pass the balloon. 

The games took all of about 15 minutes! Ha! 

After opening all her fabulous presents!!

Content, happy children :) 

Kristina happily stayed to help me! She took all the pictures, otherwise this post would  be non-existent! Thank you Kristina!! PS Don't mind my many neck rolls, this is the best pic we had! lol

The infamous strawberry pinata

Seriously, this thing was a beast!! I whacked and whacked it (after all the kids had 2 turns!), but to no avail. I finally just ripped open the spot where I filled it with candy. Turns out the darn thing was made of cardboard! No wonder it wasn't breaking open. 

Grabbing their loot!

Hooray for candy!!!

Happy 5th Birthday sweet Brooklyn!! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The one with the 5 year old

She is spunky. She is intelligent. She is beautiful. She is independent. She makes me laugh daily. She is motherly. She is compassionate. She is artistic. She is tender. She is adventurous. She is passionate. She makes me want to be a better person and mother. I could go on and on naming the numerous qualities Brooklyn emanates to all who know her. I am so blessed to be her mother. I can hardly believe she is 5! Kindergarten, here we come!! She is counting the days...For her actual birthday, Brooklyn woke up to balloons covering her bedroom floor, and streamers hanging from her doorway. Troy was nice enough to wake her up and let her know about them at the crack of dawn. Poor thing was super tired while opening her presents that morning. For lunch she requested McDonald's, then Red Robin for dinner. Thanks to Aunt Carrie, she wanted to go somewhere for dinner where they would sing to her! lol I made another giant cake (which we ate maybe 1/8 of), she blew out 5 candles, made a wish, and began counting down the days until her birthday party with her friends.

1st day home with Mommy. 

1st Birthday!

1 1/2 years old, busted!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

slip-sliding at birthday #3

"Oh ya!!" 

Happy 4th Birthday!

5th Birthday dinner at Red Robin. We were lucky to have Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carrie there too!

She requested a pink rosette cake, just like Savannah's. 

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl!!

The classic, "lick the candle" picture.