Monday, July 30, 2012

The one with all the red, white, and blue

Happy 4th of July!! Ummm, what do you mean it's almost August?! Just a tad behind...again. This year's 4th was a little different than normal. Erik's brother had a kidney transplant here in Seattle on the 2nd, so his parents were in town. We started the day off with a short visit to the hospital, then headed over to our annual BBQ with the Rigtrups. Grandma and Grandpa Paternoster joined us for food, fun, and fireworks. It's always a great time!

Work it, own it

Brooklyn's reaction to all of the fireworks Bryce brought. She is definitely my daughter. 

The 2nd half of her reaction. 

Grandma Paternoster

Parachute fireworks? let the grappling commence

Troy's reaction after NOT getting the parachute. Check out that bottom lip! Classic

Grandpa Paternoster

Happy 4th of July!! We couldn't feel more blessed to live in this wonderful, free country!!


Li said...

I love the girls' cute outfits!

Carolyn Benik said...

your family could not be any cuter!!!