Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The one with the 5 year old

She is spunky. She is intelligent. She is beautiful. She is independent. She makes me laugh daily. She is motherly. She is compassionate. She is artistic. She is tender. She is adventurous. She is passionate. She makes me want to be a better person and mother. I could go on and on naming the numerous qualities Brooklyn emanates to all who know her. I am so blessed to be her mother. I can hardly believe she is 5! Kindergarten, here we come!! She is counting the days...For her actual birthday, Brooklyn woke up to balloons covering her bedroom floor, and streamers hanging from her doorway. Troy was nice enough to wake her up and let her know about them at the crack of dawn. Poor thing was super tired while opening her presents that morning. For lunch she requested McDonald's, then Red Robin for dinner. Thanks to Aunt Carrie, she wanted to go somewhere for dinner where they would sing to her! lol I made another giant cake (which we ate maybe 1/8 of), she blew out 5 candles, made a wish, and began counting down the days until her birthday party with her friends.

1st day home with Mommy. 

1st Birthday!

1 1/2 years old, busted!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

slip-sliding at birthday #3

"Oh ya!!" 

Happy 4th Birthday!

5th Birthday dinner at Red Robin. We were lucky to have Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carrie there too!

She requested a pink rosette cake, just like Savannah's. 

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl!!

The classic, "lick the candle" picture. 


Lori said...

Super happy birthday to Brooklyn! I'm glad she had such a fun day. I'm also super glad that her party was on a day that Addie could go! Addie does love her so :)

Meg said...

happy birthday, B!
Your pink cake looks incredible! I'd want that for my birthday, too!

Li said...

Happy birthday, Brooklyn! Such a cute cake, Marcie!

The McLinn Clan said...

Happy Birthday you sweet little girl:) Getting SO big...and pretty!!