Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The one with the birthday bash

Well, we ate, we laughed, I may have teared up a little (shhh!), and we had great friends over for Savannah's birthday party. Savannah is officially a big 1 year old! I can't even believe it. I keep telling her to quit growing. I can tell she's a contrary one! (PS sorry for the over-exposed photos, I didn't realize I had my camera on a weird setting! Argh.)

We ate cake

But first, we had burgers

Savannah LOVED her bow, ha!

Sweet babies!

Best big brother ever

I've heard sticking out your tongue helps with balance

Testing her gymnastic ability

She's a climber!

Again with the tongue! 

Big girl!!

All the kiddos. 

Me and my sweet baby girl

"Give me that dang cupcake!"

"Oh man, I'm so excited."

"What the?"

"What is all this stuff?!" 

"Mmmm, yummy."

Final verdict on cupcakes: DELICIOUS! 

With "Auntie" Stephanie, Bailey, and Gabriella in her new "birthday suit" they bought her. 


Nicole said...

I am in love with Savanah's outfit!! Where did you find that?? Happy Birthday to Savanah. She's a cutie.

Nicole said...

Oh, and did you make that cake?? You're amazing.

Julie Rowse said...

I can't believe she's already one! My youngest sister just had a baby on Sunday and named her Savannah. I thought of you. One of these days we need to chat on the phone!!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful cake, Marcie!

WE ARE: said...

Jocelyn says happy birthday to Savannah and she is sad to miss all the fun and friends.

Lori said...

I was so bummed to miss out on my birthday buddy's party! She looks cute as could be and it looks like you all had tons of fun. Three cheers for Savannah!