Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The one with the dancing

Virtually every night before dinner, I turn on a little cartoon for Brooklyn and Troy so they can mellow out a bit and give me time to put dinner together. But before I start with dinner, I blast some music and Savannah and I dance cheek to chubby, little cheek. All while she fiercely grips my hand. She is definitely one of my favorite dancing partners right now. And she gets a kick out of it every night, and seems to think I am the funniest person alive. Love her! Love these moments. Have you all noticed a nostalgia theme lately? Me too. Not sure why. I just love my life!!

On another note, the other day I busted out the camera to take a few "real" life pics. Troy wanted to pose with his Batman car. I mean, can you blame him?! lol

My beautiful brown-eyed girl.

And my goofy girl showing me her nostrils. ha!
Goal: Get my camera out more often! Not just for big events, but for everyday life. I want to remember these little moments that make up my life.


Nicole said...

Haha! I can just see it. Dance parties always seem to lighten the mood! Troy is looking fierce with that Batman car.

Li said...

Haha... love the last pic. Your dance party sounds fun, too! ;)

ej said...

Dance parties are one of the best ways to get snuggles in, how fun to do them every night before dinner!
And Brooklyn really does have beautiful brown eyes by the way, gorgeous!