Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm so far behind on blogging, but I've been writing and saving posts and publishing when I can get the time to add pictures. Hopefully we'll have our big computer back soon! I'm using Erik's little mini notebook and it's a total pain!

Seasons have changed here in the Paternoster household. Well, sort of. Baseball hasn't actually ended yet (but I am counting the days), but football has finally arrived! I enjoy football MUCH more than baseball. And this season, the Broncos are out to prove, yet again, how awesome they are. The first game peaked in intensity, but BSU was able to pull off a win. We had some friends over (and Erik even interacted with them! He does NOT like being interrupted during BSU football games lol). We ate, we screamed, we high-fived and we had a great time. Go Broncos!!

Check out that hair! Erik's doing.

Sad!  Classic Troy pose.

All the kiddos watching a flick in our bed.
Cutest cheerleaders I've ever seen!

Our friends Bryce and Kristina


Claire said...

We had friends over to watch the first game too. It got pretty loud in our house that night! You are a super nice mom for letting little kids sit in your bed. My kid are usually to stinky and so are their friends. I make them go outside with the dog.

Brittany said...

How fun!! I love football season too - it is much better that baseball and basketball. :)