Friday, November 12, 2010

Traditioooooon...TRADITION!!! (as sung in Fiddler On The Roof)

Like many people, we have a tradition of taking a trip to a pumpkin patch every year with the kids. This year we went to Fall City Farms. It had been recommended to me from a friend, and it did not disappoint! Although, we didn't buy any pumpkins there...they were WAY over-priced. But dang, their fresh-pressed apple cider?! TO DIE FOR!!! The kids had a blast in the hay-maze, riding the the tractor ride, petting the baby calf and mamma cow, and petting and feeding the cute little goats. Good times for all!!

So this clearly isn't our kid, but we thought he was so funny! Doesn't he look like he's having a blast? lol

This Mamma cow was so sweet. She was nursing her calf at this point.

Feeding the hungry goats. Don't mind the random kids in the picture.

The apple press. Seriously, this stuff was SOOOO good. And very interesting to watch. The guy said they only make it on the weekends, and average about 500 gallons per day. They sell out every weekend! Yup, that's how good this stuff is. AND it's $10 a gallon! We didn't buy a gallon (a little pricey,even though it was delish.) We just got a couple little pumpkin sippys for the kids.

Troy think it's hilarious for us to "ride" on his shoulders.


Nicole said...

HAHAHA! That first picture just made my day. Hilarious! Your kiddos look cute too... as always :) Brooklyn's hair is so sweet! You always have it looking so pretty.

aubrey said...

that looks like so much fun! especially the corn kids would love that. i'll have to look into it for next year!

Taryn said...

um ok pretty sure you have the cutest kids EVER! and the pic of the boy in the wheelbarrow is HILARIOUS :) love you marcie!!