Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The one with no extra time...so this is what you get

I have great intentions to blog often with lots of great pictures, but that hasn't been a reality lately. So I am settling for notes and thoughts I have been trying to remember and jot down.

1. Savannah is becoming quite the sass-mouth. Her favorite line/word is usually when I call her and she says, "What?" (pronounced whatsss with quite the little lisp, sooo darn cute!).

2. Yesterday when I told her to come inside she said to me, "I don't wantssss to." Ummm, ok, you can do whatever you want little princess! Because that is what she is around here. She practically does no wrong.

3. Troy is still playing tee-ball and loving it.

4. Last week after his game, the kids were playing on the playground while the adults chatted aka ate the left-over snacks, when I looked over and saw Brooklyn covering her head with her arms, surrounded by Troy and a couple other boys on his team and they were taking turns smacking her! Oooh man, I don't think Troy has ever seen me so angry! We had a loooooong discussion about how wrong that is! And about how he is supposed to protect and look after his sisters. I'm still kinda fuming about it, and really hoping the discussion stuck. Especially since they will be in school together next year.

5. Savannah still takes off her shoes and socks in the car. Every.time.

6. We enjoyed our first beach outing last week in beautiful 80 degree weather. Savannah thought she was the best swimmer ever and ventured out a little too far and slipped under the water. The first time I was about 50 feet from her and I don't think I have ever ran that fast. The super cold water was a little shocking to her, and I was shaking from adrenaline. The second time I was right beside her, but she wasn't fazed a bit. Ooh boy, she'll be in a life-jacket all summer for sure.

7. A couple weekends ago we were able to attend my nephew, Matt Neuffer's, wedding in Portland. We took a couple more days and ventured up the coast to Seaside for a mini family vacation. It was just what the doctor ordered. And we had unseasonably beautiful weather to boot!

8. Erik has been getting home on time lately, what a treat! But that also means I have had to start cooking dinner again. :)

9. I am gearing up for an Olympic distance triathlon at the end of summer (Sept. 7th). I am really hoping it will kick start my metabolism again and get me motivated to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds.

10. My niece and her family moved to Auburn this past month, and we have LOVED having them here! The kids adore their cousins.

11. Savannah has even been carrying around their (my niece's) Christmas card like a little hoarder. She can't get enough of Annie and Shae.

12. My Mom and Dad came for a couple days before the wedding, and spent some quality time with the kids. They even sent us off on a date one night! Hooray for Grandparents.

13. Brooklyn continues to awe and amaze everyone she meets with her reading skills. Including her Mother. She reads the scriptures like it's nothin'.

14. Troy had been going to a speech therapist to help with enunciation, and has been making huge progress! Every week he sounds more and more clear.

15. On a sad note about Troy, he has always had a slight tongue tie, and the Dr's always said it would more than likely stretch out, but it hasn't. So he will probably need it clipped. But we are going to wait a few more sessions since the stretches she has him do are seeming to help. We are very hopeful when he does get it clipped, that it will clear up his speech.

16. Troy attended Kindergarten round-up last week with Erik. He is so excited for Kindergarten! And Erik and I were both surprised that when the teachers invited the kids to come with them to color while the adults filled out paper-work, he followed...willingly! He has always been a tad gun-shy with new people.

17. We have been having unseasonably beautiful weather here. I really hope it is a testament to how our summer weather will be like and not a tease for how it will not be. (like last year!!)

18. The kids can hardly wait until our water-park opens up, and either can I!!

19. I turned 33 about a week ago. Seems old doesn't it?

20. Mothers day was absolutely perfect. Even with 8:30 church, I managed to "sleep-in" until 7:30 and enjoyed breakfast in bed. Then when we got home, Erik made delicious BLT's, I took a much needed nap (undisturbed!!), and then we dined on t-bone steaks, corn on the cob, artichokes with garlic butter, and salad. He sure knows how to spoil a girl! :) It was a fantastic day. I was even able to play with the kids outside while he made dinner.

21. May 24th marks 10 years for our marriage!!! Wow, crazy right?! We are due for some big celebrating :)

22. Troy's favorite part of our vacation was swimming in the hotel pool. Brooklyn's too. Next time we are getting a hotel down the street. hehe

23. My favorite part was shopping in OR tax free. Well, that and spending quality time with Erik and the kids.

24. I am half-way through re-purposing my living room dresser into a media console. I'm just waiting for a good week of sunshine to get that baby painted. Then it's onto the million other pieces of furniture awaiting a new coat of paint. Erik loves it!! Ha!

25. Brooklyn just brought home homework that she had write her favorite part of the day. Her favorite part of the day was apparently when the boy was chasing her at recess. And it begins.

26. Brooklyn had pictures for ballet yesterday so I put on a bit of make-up. I told Erik last night that she is not allowed to wear mascara until she is 25. Her lashes go up past her eyebrows!! I have never noticed because they are pretty light (much like mine). Anyone know a good way to lock up your daughter?!

27. When I say to Savannah: "I love you," she replies, "I love me." Such confidence!


Nicole Cope said...

I love these kind of posts! Also, 33 is NOT old... 34 on the other hand... ;) see you Saturday!

Taryn said...

haha your kids! Come down here and let me teach them swim lessons!! PS we might come up to Washington the end of this summer! Not sure exactly where, but if we do and are close I'll call you! Brooklyn sounds like a hoot! LOVE YOU! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :)

Brittany said...

LOL love that list! So many cute and funny things from the kids - isn't this stage of life awesome?!! I'm so glad you guys had fun in OR... but you have got to go on a weekend retreat with just the two of you! You deserve it after 10 years and 3 gorgeous kids! So you better book it soon before your babysitter is gone... ;) I'm really hoping to be able to enjoy the summer with you guys - man, I've been SO looking forward to the beach and HM this summer.