Sunday, May 19, 2013

The one with the much needed family vacation

My cute nephew got married May 4th in the Portland, OR temple, so we decided since we were heading down for it, we would take a much needed small family vacation to Seaside, OR. My parents came to Seattle a couple days before the wedding, then we all car-a-vanned over to Portland for the wedding. It was a lovely ceremony in the temple. And after the temple, Mike and Heidi hosted a delicious luncheon at Staford's steakhouse. Oh my goodness, such delicious food! The bride and groom had a ring ceremony there as well. Then they had a reception that evening in Corvallis (where my sister lives). Such a fun time! I enjoyed my time with my sisters and parents. Then Sunday morning we headed for the coast. We totally lucked out in the weather department (the OR coast can be iffy, and usually cold and rainy!). But it was sunny and warm, even hot on Sunday! The kids had a blast building sand-castles, running on the beach, collecting shells and other creatures, chasing the seagulls, swimming in the hotel pool (their favorite part actually!), flying kites, eating lots and lots and LOTS of taffy, s'mores in the hotel room (they opted for indoor s'mores and a movie instead of a beach bonfire), shopping at the outlet malls (ok, they didn't really enjoy that, but they have been enjoying the spoils!), the aquarium, and just spending quality time together as a family. We can't wait to go back!

Sandy faces! Thank heavens for baby powder

Our view from our room!

What a good Dad, holding the kite 

Yes, that sand landed right on him! lol

The giant octopus at the aquarium. 


Brittany said...

what a blast! I swear that is my favorite place for a family vacation.