Monday, August 24, 2009

What a cool place to live

Yo, yo, yo!

Filling up the gatorade bottle with rocks.
"No, I do it myself Dad!"
"Look at my cool rock Mom!" This picture looks like he's holding that big rock, but it's a small one, it just blends in to the big rock in the background.
Just eatin' an oreo.
Trying to get a decent family photo with a 1 year old and a 2 year old. Oxy-moron? Yes!

Stephanie trying to get Troy to walk.
Dude, seriously?! If it's hurting your knees that badly, maybe you should just walk. We're not hard on him at all can you tell? :)
"I am MAN hear me roar!"

We love Seattle. We love the lakes, the trees, the moderate weather, we love it all! Ok, the rain can sometimes get to you in the winter, but summers here make it worth it I think! And doesn't every place have it's negative side? We love going to new places we've never been, especially with great company. We took a little road trip up to Denny Creek this past weekend with the kids and Rigtrups. They rode on our backs (the kids, not the Rigtrups) while we hiked about a mile up to the creek. What a great work-out! Luckily, Hyrum "man-ed up" and carried Troy for me on the way down. That kid is a tank! But Erik had Brooklyn, I mean, she IS heavier, by a pound. Anyway, Brooklyn had a blast helping the men build a "dam." She and Erik loaded the gatorade bottle up with little pebbles and filled in the holes of the dam. What is it with men when they get into nature thinking they need to build something? Funny boys. Troy had a ball crawling on the smooth rocks and found several small rocks to eat. Yumm! I guess usually this creek is pretty full of water, and you can slide down the smooth rocks on your bum. We had decided before-hand we weren't going to get wet anyway, since it was a little cooler. Although, I probably would have anyway if there were more water. Next year for sure. Plus, hopefully by then Troy will be walking. Hopefully...


The de la Houssaye's said...

what a fun activity! It looks like you had a blast!

Nicole Cope said...

Love Brooklyn's "swimsuit"! haha, so cute.

Melissa Taylor said...

Fun fun! Wish we were there!! Miss you.
PS Tyler Haun got married last week!

B.S. said...

Looks like you guys had a Troy's bear crawl!!!

Lori said...

Look! Now we're bloggy friends. You got lots of great pics that day. I'm glad you know the area better than we do so we can get the scoop on all the cool places to go up here.

The Wi Family said...

Love that place!! We used to go all the time as kids and then as youth. There really are so many things to do around here---I need to remember that when I'm feeling bored.