Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If Mom says no, ask Grandma!

Grandma and Grandpa Hill made the trek over to Seattle this past weekend to see their favorite grand kids (sorry guys, that's what they said! lol). It was SO fun to see them and the kids were SO excited, especially Brooklyn. She looks at pictures of both sets of grandparents every day and you can tell she just longs to be with them. So needless to say, she was in heaven! They got in Saturday evening and we ordered in some yummy Thai food and vegged out. Did I mention they brought our meat and TONS of yummy fruit too?! My parents are total suckers for road-side fruit stands, and bought a big box of peaches, cherries, a cantaloupe, and even made the diversion to Hermiston to pick up a few "fresh from the patch" watermelons. Yum! Sunday was as relaxing as Sunday can be with 2 kids 2 and under, and Erik and I tried to keep them under control during church (the kids, not Grandma and Grandpa). I'm pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa left church thinking how happy they were to be done raising babies! B enjoyed being read book after book, doing puzzles with Grandma and Grandpa, getting to eat anything she wanted on the couch (the couch is definitely showing the evidence now), and riding on Grandpa's shoulders. T enjoyed sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room again. No seriously, it was really fun to see him get to know them too. Although he's kind of in a "clinging to Mom or Dad" stage. Monday we really got down to the knitty-gritty. Dad pulled out the HUGE "beautiful" tree stump from our front yard, while Mom and I weeded, and pruned. He also took down a couple small pine trees with his chain saw. He was a great help!! After I put him to work, we treated them to some Chinese food with Erik (Seattle has the best selection of Asian cuisine). Then Grandma and Grandpa treated US to the Boehms candy shop. YUMMY!! I'm still eating chocolate. I know, hard life right? After our binge-fest, we came home, the kids took naps, and the adults did some more yard work. A very productive day indeed!! They had to head home that evening, so we said our goodbyes. Brooklyn and Troy were very sad to see them go, as was I. I love having my parents come visit. They can never stay long enough. And it was nice to actually be able to visit with them this time! The past couple times they have come, I had just had a baby. Anyway, thanks again Mom and Dad! You guys are the best! Brooklyn has been constantly talking about you and all the fun things you did with her. We can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Love you!

B reading with Grandpa. Thanks for the fun new books!
Chillin' with Grandma, eating a popsicle. She was REALLY focused on that popsicle.
Dad hacking away at the tree with his jig-saw. Who said you can only use jig-saws for construction projects? They make a great mini chainsaw!

B was intrigued with the chainsaw. I was terrified. The chain came off WHILE IT WAS ON and nearly took my Dad's leg off. Good thing he's so tough!
The big ole' eye-sore is now gone! Yippee!! You should have seen the bugs that were under that thing. NASTY! I wish I had taken a before picture, but it's probably best to not remember what it looked like. I think we'll have a ceremonial burning of the "planter" that was on top of the stump. Did I mention the stump had been filled with concrete?


The Wi Family said...

How fun that they were able to come and visit!! Sounds like it was a great weekend--very productive too. You guys heading down there to visit soon?

The Stones said...

What a fun visit! I love grandma and grandpa time. Can't wait to see you over labor day. We don't have plans to leave town 'yet' but you know how it goes. Brooklyn is beautiful... growing up way too fast.