Monday, August 17, 2009

T-rex turns 1!

Ok, no more excuses for me. T is officially 1! We enjoyed cake and icecream and opening presents with friends (B opened the presents for him, what a sweet sister ha!). Anyway, T-rex (as we affectionately call him), is such a sweet baby boy. He loves to give kisses and still loves to snuggle, especially with his blankie. He knows quite a few words now too...his newest being "NO, MINE!!!" I credit that one to B. He also says: Dog, Mama, and Dadda, ball, car, and nugh-ugh (while shaking his head no). He can walk, but prefers to crawl, or be carried. He already likes to tease his big sister, and loves chasing her around and tackling her. He is all boy! He is a total Daddy's boy. T likes to eat watermelon, chalk, noodles, yogurt, applesauce, crayons, books, popsicles, and mac n' cheese (those are just a few of his favs). He has a great arm and throws the ball overhand already. And don't even TRY taking a ball from him, he'll scream bloody murder! He makes car noises when he drives his car, and loves driving them on the car ramp. He sleeps great still, and takes 2 naps a day still (YEA!). He has 12 teeth (including his 1 year molars), and if you stick your finger in his mouth, he WILL try and bite it off. He's our sweet little baby boy and we can't imagine life without his sweet little spunky spirit in our home!

Brace yourselves for an overload of pictures, yet again.
B looking beautiful. lol. Did I mention we started potty-training? Hence the big-girl panties. She's doing great too! Troy does NOT like sharing with his sister.
Troy wins!

Ok, now the birthday pics. All he wanted were balls for his b-day.
After a ball had been taken away so he could open another present. He didn't care about the stinkin' present, he wanted the ball!!
Football, finally!
"Are you kidding me?! I just want the ball!!"

"Oooh, fire!"
"What the heck, it's my birthday!! If I want to touch the fire, I can touch the fire!"

Brooklyn sneaking a taste, or 2, or 3, or 4!
"It even feels good in my nose Mom!" Like Father, like son.

In a sugar coma.
Our friends the Bakers.
We like to make the tallest person sit at the little kiddie table.

An after cake "shower" in the kitchen sink. Love that he's playing with the nasty dish brush.


Erik said...

Marcie forgot to point out that he also likes eating his crib. Wierdo.

Get ready boy! long snapping drills begin Thursday!

Darin and Melinda said...

T-Rex and I would definitely get along...we can both eat our own birhtday cakes...and by the way, he is a great sharer if he let Brooklyn open his presents...what a CHAMP!! Happy Birthday Troy!

Heather and Don said...

Oh, I laughed long and hard! I love these personalities! Happy Birthday, Troy!

The de la Houssaye's said...

Ok Troy is hilarious! He is so adorable and I cant believe he is already one! He is so cute and I laughed so hard at all of your comments under the pictures! What a sweetheart! And of course Brooklyn is a doll. And no we wont be in Boise we are going to South Carolina for Bart's brothers wedding! I wish I could be there though!

Carmen Duffy said...

Happy 1rst Birthday Troy!

Snyder Family said...

I can't believe your baby is a year old. They grow up so fast don't they! What a cute boy too. Funny thing, I was cleaning out a bunch of old pictures from high school and college and I ran into a picture of Eric from his mission that I had stashed away. I will email it to you if you send me your email address. Hope you are doing well.

ej said...

Doesn't the first year always go by unfairly fast? I wish I could switch how slow 10 months of pregnancy go for how fast the first 10 months of babyhood go! Happy Birthday T! Looks like the birthday was a blast!