Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy 30th Erik!

Erik celebrated his 30th birthday last Thursday, the 9th. His best friends, Evan and Troy, came out for the weekend and they had a fun time acting like bachelors again. They were even able to watch the BSU game together Saturday night! Erik was thrilled since he doesn't get to watch the games on TV much anymore, let alone with friends who are BSU fans. Brooklyn LOVED having her "uncle's" around. She couldn't get enough of them! She definitely isn't shy. Baby Troy liked them too, but he's pretty easy to please right now obviously. : ) While the boys were out, Brooklyn, Baby Troy and I had fun cooking yummy food and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I was in my element acting as hostess. Thanks again for coming guys! It was so fun to see you!


Nathan and Nicole said...

I love the second picture of brooklyn in her PJ's and her HUGE smile!! Awe... I miss Brooklyn!

Snyder Family said...

Okay, so how do you know Troy and Katie Ball? They are in our ward and some good friends of ours. That is so funny. I saw the picture and just laughed. They are good people. Happy Birthday to Eric. Funny thing, I found a small stack of some of the letters he wrote me while on his mission. Funny guy? Does he still keep in touch with Jeremy Aston?

Erik said...

Troy's one of my two best friend (after Marcie of course). We went to High School together and were in the same ward.

There is nothing better than spending time with these two guys and their families.